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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun Online Stuff Recommended by MOI!

Yes, I am posting twice in one day. Apparently consistency is not my thing because I can go several weeks without blogging and then write a couple of entries in a row.

I just wanted to share some cool stuff I've found on the internet and tried out.

Parents magazine is promoting reading to your child with a program that runs through May 31st. All you do is sign your child up online and fill out a log each day with how many minutes you read to your child that day. At the end of the program, you could win a $50 Barnes and Nobles gift card. I'm kind of a HUGE supporter of parents reading to their children and instilling a love of reading in them so a program like this is pretty cool. Don't forget to also check your local library for a summer reading program. Most of them start in June and are free with prizes and incentives to get kids to read. The one at our library goes from birth to 12th grade, but you'll have to check to see what ages your local library allows to sign up.

If you shop online at all, this site can save you some money. You simply sign up (for free) and then access any number of a ton of online shopping sites through their site. When you buy something online, you get money back (usually ranges from 1% to 6% back), and they send you a check every so often. If you combine this with other coupon code sites (think free shipping or money off your order) such as retailmenot.com or coupons.com, you can save some decent cash just by shopping online.

This is my latest find online and one I'm already hooked on. It's like ebay, but you don't use money. It's free to sign up and free to list auctions. Instead of using money to pay for things, you use credits. You earn credits to buy things that other people have listed by selling stuff you don't want anymore or by watching for "extra credit" activities you can do such as posting an auction on Facebook, being an active participant on the site, etc. The only money you might shell out is to pay for shipping, but a lot of sellers offer free shipping.

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