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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby #4 - 38 Weeks

How Far along: 38 weeks

Baby's Size:  According to babycenter.com, the baby is over 6 pounds now.  

Sleep: I wake up 1-2 times a night to use the bathroom and it usually takes me a good 5 minutes to get out of bed because the pain and stiffness from laying in one spot for so long is tons-of-fun.  Hubby complains that I wake him up every time I have to get up to use the bathroom :)

Movement?: Yes, but not so much anymore because baby is running out of room!  I love feeling a little foot or elbow pushing against my stomach and being able to push back.  I'm probably annoying this kid like crazy...

Food Cravings: Nothing too serious right now. 

Gender: It's more than likely a boy.  But until I see the proof myself after the baby's born, I'm not going to say that with 100% confidence. 

Labor Signs: Contractions have picked up and are getting more frequent and painful.  I'm one of those lucky people who get to spend the last few weeks of pregnancy in what feels like the beginning stages of labor. 

Symptoms: Stiffness, discomfort, an inability to bend over, fatigue, heartburn, emotional...you name it, I've got it.  I also have a painful inflamed ligament in my stomach so that's extra fun.  I'm also nesting like crazy, but can't do much at a time or lift or move anything so I'm pretty limited in what I can do which is very frustrating when I want to ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS!        

Mood Most Of The Time: I'm getting closer to the time when all I want to do is stay in my house until the baby is born because the constant comments and questions get really irritating towards the end of a pregnancy and I get really cranky.   

Looking Forward To: Being able to spill the beans on a big announcement that is (believe it or not) not baby related!  Hopefully later this week, I'll know the final details and be able to share my news with you! 

Miscellaneous: I had an ultrasound last Thursday to check for placenta previa.  It was the worst ultrasound I've ever had.  Between the baby and the ultrasound technician both pushing down on my cervix and then having to be tilted on my head to try to get the baby to move away from the cervix so the tech could see where the placenta was and then that not working either so having to have my first transvaginal ultrasound, it really just wasn't a great experience.  I went straight from the ultrasound to my doctor's appointment and since my doctor didn't have the ultrasound results by the time my appointment was done, she told me to stick around town for a few hours in case I had to come back and deliver.  WHAT?!?!  Thankfully, I do NOT have placenta previa, and I have been given the go-ahead to deliver naturally...or be induced at 2 weeks overdue for the third time.  I'm hoping for the first option.
And on a completely unrelated note, I should probably get busy packing the hospital bag and the kids' suitcases so they can stay with my in-laws while I'm in the hospital.

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