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Meet the Family

It all started in 2002 when Hubby asked me to go to his employee Christmas party with him.  After we got married, he confessed that he actually didn't mean it as a date, but apparently things worked out that way anyways.  We had gone to the same small church since my family moved to town when I was three so we kind of grew up together.  Turns out later that he had intentions of asking my older sister to the Christmas party first, but for some reason decided to ask me instead.  I win.  After almost four years, he popped the question.  You can read about that here.

We planned to wait a few years before starting a family so we were both a bit surprised to find that we were expecting a little blessing only seven months after tying the knot.  Our beautiful daughter, affectionately known as "Princess" on this blog, was born in January, 2008.  Princess is now a beautiful seven-year-old who is the definition of girly.  She spends most of her day dancing (her favorite is ballet) and loves to dress up in beautiful dresses.

When Princess was 18 months old, we were surprised again by another positive pregnancy test.  Our handsome little boy (dubbed "Little Man" for the blog) was born in May, 2010 and although he was a difficult newborn to say the least, by 6 months, he had turned into the sweetest, most agreeable baby ever.  Little Man has grown to be an active little boy who loves singing, playing guitar and fiddle, and anything with wheels. 

 We thought our family was complete, but God surprised us once again with a third blessing.  However, the biggest surprise was in the delivery room when Baby Boy turned out to be a baby girl!  Star was born in late September, 2012.  She's now an energetic, fearless two year old who loves playing with her siblings and giving me gray hair.

God decided that we needed one more little one to round out the family and blessed us with Little Dude.  He was born in March, 2014.  He has multiple medical issues and is partially tube fed, but is growing and thriving and a joy to have in our family.  You can read more about him here.

In addition to blogging, I write for the county newspaper, sub at the local library, own an online children's boutique, and write pdf sewing patterns.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. :) We use very similar nicknames!

  2. I just found you blog through Instagram. You have a very sweet family and I admire your motivation greatly...definitely a supermommy! *hugs*


  3. I found your blog through bloglovin'.com. I am excited to start reading your blog !! And your little ones are absolutely adorable!


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