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Friday, August 31, 2012

38 Weeks

How Far along: 38 weeks

Little Man joined me for the "photo shoot"

 Baby's Size:  Baby weighs approximately 6.8 pounds.

Sleep: Not going well.  My allergies keep me up half the night even though I've been taking the 24 hour Claritin twice a day, including once right before bed.  My doctor is a little concerned about the severity of my allergies since they can quickly go from making me miserable to cutting off my air supply. 

Best Moments This Week: Crossing the "big" stuff off my to-do list (see bottom of post)  Everything left would be nice to accomplish before Baby comes, but if it's not, that's okay with me. 

Miss Anything?: Being able to move.  It's uncomfortable to move, bend, stand, sit, lay, etc.  I miss being able to walk without bumping my belly into something.  Little Man is short enough that he fits right underneath my belly, but Princess is just the right height to get knocked over by it if I turn around too quickly and she's standing by me.  Oops.  I also miss my feet, but the few glimpses I have gotten of them have made me glad I can't see them most of the time since they've been replaced by Fred Flintstone's feet. 

Movement?: Yes, but he's running out of room so the movements have slowed down a little.  When he moves around, it hurts! 

Food Cravings:  My cravings change from day to day. 

Things That Make Me Queasy: Being around my sister.  Haha, that sounds awful, but she's 10 weeks along with her 4th pregnancy (congratulations!!) and sick as a dog.  Being around her reminds me of the first trimester and just thinking about that makes me nauseous.

Gender: Boy!  I'm ashamed to admit that Hubby and I still have not picked a name.  We have it narrowed down to 3, but we just can't get past that.  We'll probably pick one off the list when I'm in labor like we did with Princess.  We do have the middle name, David, picked out which was easy since it's my dad's first name and Hubby's dad's middle name.

Labor Signs: Lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions which are so painful that they feel like the real thing, cramping in the stomach and back almost every day, and the baby's dropped.  

Symptoms: Heartburn, fatigue, exhaustion, crazy hormones, allergies, etc...I'm sure it's a joy to be around me right now.

Mood Most Of The Time: Happy for the most part.  Around 36 weeks, this whole pregnancy finally became real to me and I'm finally feeling excited about meeting this little guy soon! 

Looking Forward To:  (Hopefully) going into labor naturally!!  I do NOT want to be induced again.

I've been following a few other bloggers who are due around the same time as me or shortly after.  Now that I'm 38 weeks, I'm really wondering who will have their baby first :)

Jenni From the Blog-Jenni is due with her third baby on September 16th which means that we share a due date :)  You can read her announcement post here.

The Windle Family-Kristen is due with her second baby on September 15th which is one day before me.  You can read her announcement post here.

The JoyfulChaos-Suzanne is due with her sixth baby on September 17th which is one day after me.  You can read her announcment post (posted on the same day I found out I was pregnant!) here.

Growing Up Geeky-Melissa is due with her second baby on September 23rd, exactly one week after me.  You can read her announcement post here.

Smiles 'n' Snuggles-Victoria is due with her second baby on September 25th.  In her 36 week post, she has a to-do list like mine which automatically makes her cool in my book :)  You can read her announcement post here

Here's my to-do list before Baby comes.

  • Get cradle from in-laws and put together
  • Pick up the dresser from my parents' house
  • Pick up the baby clothes from my sister's house and drop off the boxes of clothes that Princess and Little Man have outgrown
  • Make at least 6 freezer meals (lasagna, meatloaf, meatballs, etc) and stock up on groceries.  In the freezer update: 2 pans of lasagna, 1 pan of deep dish pizza casserole, 2 pounds of pre-cooked hamburger meat/pork sausage, 4 doz. cookie dough balls, 24 muffin sized meatloafs, 1 chicken pot pie
  • Organize freezers (we have a regular one and a chest freezer)
  • Pick out a baby book (I ended up getting this calendar)
  • Pack my hospital bag, the diaper bag, and the kids' overnight bag
  • Get the newborn essentials: a few packs of diapers, pacifiers, etc
  • Rearrange kids' room so the new dresser fits
  • Rearrange car seats in the van and install infant carseat
  • Unpack baby clothes and gear.
  • Wash and sanitize baby bottles and pacifiers
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Princess and I made chocolate chip cookies the other day while Little Man was napping.  Chocolate chip cookies that she can't eat because they have wheat and eggs in them which she's allergic to.  *Bad mommy*  But, she still had fun stirring and helping to add the ingredients.  Turns out that she's a better egg cracker at the age of four then I was as a teenager.  

 A few days later, Princess started 4/5 preschool.  *sob*  Naturally, she had to look super cute for her first day of school with hairbows and a new school themed dress made by Mommy (which is also available for purchase in my Etsy shop).  

Have a Wordless Wednesday post of your own?  Link it up here!

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Typical Conversation

A typical conversation with Little Man these days...

Me: Do you want ketchup?
Little Man: Yes.
Me: *Takes ketchup out of fridge*
Little Man: Yes. No!  I wan' mus'erd (mustard)
Me: *Takes mustard out of fridge*  You want mustard?
Little Man: Yes.
Me: Are you sure you want mustard?
Little Man: Yes!  Mus' erd!
Me: *Opens lid for mustard*
Little Man: No!!!  Ketchup!!!
Me: Do you want mustard or ketchup?
Little Man: *Gives me a look that says, "how are you not getting this?"*  I wan' ketchup!
Me: *sigh* Yup.  You're a two year old.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Kids Blanks Review and Giveaway

It took me over a year to find a good online wholesaler for clothing blanks for my boutique.  And now I'm going to share them with you!

 I have been thrilled with the quality and customer service I've found at KidsBlanks by Zoey.  I've been ordering all of my blanks from them for quite some time now and never had a problem.  (My only "complaint" is that they don't have any girly t-shirts for kids, hint, hint!!)

You can buy several different brands at KidsBlanks, but my favorite is the Laughing Giraffe brand.  They run true to size and are great quality.

If you're thinking boring white onesies or t-shirts aren't for you, then you haven't seen the selection KidsBlanks has!  There are prints (the damask is my favorite!), plus clothing and accessories for every age group from preemie to adult.

KidsBlanks was kind enough to offer two of my readers a FREE set of Laughing Giraffe brand Dalmation print onesies with matching beanie hats (Style 2200C, 2031C).  The winners can choose from 0-3M, 3-6M, 6-12M, and 12-18M sizes.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Best Recipe Ever!

I found a very handy recipe on food.com that I just HAD to pass on to the rest of you!

Yup.  Those are ice cubes.  You can find the recipe here.  While you're there, check out the reviews.  You will literally be rolling on the floor laughing.

Here a few of my favorite reviews:

"I guess they turned out OK. I assumed, like muffins, you had to grease the pan first. They did come out nice and easy, but they made our drinks awfully greasy. Next time I will grease AND flour the pan. Anyone else have this same problem?"

"This recipe is horrible! Maybe I should have left them in longer than two minutes (the recipe doesn't say how long to leave them in the freezer so I just kind of guessed) but mine came out all watery. I won't be making these again."

"I was wondering if you had a crock-pot version for this recipe. I work long hours and I just don't have the time to invest in this kind of hands-on cooking, but they really look yummy."

"KILLER RECIPE! Now I know what that other compartment that gets super cold is for. It sure didn't keep my lettuce happy. I also vaguely remember Ice Cubes from my childhood. G'ma made them for special occasions."

"The ice cubes were literally frozen and made my tea, coffee, soup unpleasantly cold. Besides, I prefer fresh to frozen ingredients. Sharon123's recipe for boiled Water is much better."
Sidenote: I also found this recipe for Boiled Water.  Once again, read the reviews.
Sidenote 2: I could've used the recipe for Boiled Water when I was a teenager.  While boiling water for pasta one evening, I sat down to read a book and ended up literally "burning water".  My mom, as you can imagine, was thrilled when she had to throw out the ruined pan.  

Incidentally, when my not-so-culinarily-inclined sister got married, I made her a cookbook with some of my favorite easy recipes.  The first section of the book included recipes for ice cubes, boiled water, and toast.  Yup, I'm that sister.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pros of Being Pregnant and Overdue

Yes, I know my due date isn't for another 4 weeks, but Princess was 2 weeks overdue and Little Man was 1 week late.  I'm not exactly holding out hope that this one will be early or even on time.

As any pregnant woman will tell you, the last few weeks are the hardest and take the longest, especially when your due date comes and goes without any sign of a baby to reward you for 9 months of nausea, fatigue, discomfort, lack of sleep, etc.

Since I will more than likely be joining the overdue club again this time, I thought I'd make a list of the pros of being overdue to cheer me up once I pass my due date.

1. The looks on people's faces are hilarious when they ask you when your due date is, and you nonchalantly say "9 days ago."  Most are imagining your water breaking right there in front of them and having to deliver the baby themselves.  YOU know this isn't going to happen, but go ahead and have a little fun with them by faking a contraction or something like that.  You deserve it.   

2. A little more time to get ready for the baby.  Unless you're already done with all the preparations.  Then that packed hospital bag and perfect nursery will seem to be mocking you every day.  Okay, this may not be a pro.  Never mind.

3. You can finally let your true feelings show when someone thinks they're being cute by asking every time they see you, "Haven't you had that baby yet?"  You're overdue, go ahead and give them that snarky reply you've had composed in your head for the last 2 or 3 weeks.

4.  No waiting in line!  Nobody wants you to go into labor while waiting in a long line at Target to return that 3rd diaper pail you got for your baby shower.  See Pro #1. 

5.  Ummmmmmmmmm.........................

Okay, this is getting hard.  Frankly, being overdue is, well, lousy.  I give up.

Do you have anything I can add to the list?

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fall Collection 2012

I just released my first clothing collection at Annalie's Baby Boutique!  You can view the entire Fall Collection here.  My favorite part of this collection is that not only do all the pieces coordinate with each other, but many of the pieces are Mix N' Match or can be worn several different ways which means that you can easily create your own look.

Reversible brown corduroy/peace symbol a-line jumper dress or tunic 
This sweet A-line dress is reversible which gives you two looks for the price of one. The brown corduroy side features a peace sign applique near the bottom of the dress and a hem that matches the other side of the dress. The second side of the dress has a peace symbol and hearts print and a brown corduroy heart applique on the front. The dress looks adorable worn by itself or over a shirt which means that it can be worn in just about any weather. It has button closures on the shoulder straps.

The dress can be worn for several years, first as a dress, than as a tunic top which means that you will really get your money's worth. It looks adorable worn over the brown ruffle corduroy pants which are also in the Fall Collection.
Available in sizes 3 months-3 years.

Photography by DianeH Photography

Shown as a tunic top with brown corduroy ruffle pants

Mushrooms and leaves peasant dress with removable apron
Your little girl will look so sweet in this whimsical mushrooms and leaves print peasant style dress. This dress can be worn for several years-first as a dress, then layered over leggings or pants as a tunic, and then as a shirt. The elasticized collar and sleeves stretch to fit several different sizes. The dress looks adorable worn over the brown ruffle corduroy pants which are also in the Fall Collection.
Available in sizes NB-6 years
Shown without the apron.  Photography by DianeH Photography

Shown with the apron.  Photography by DianeH Photography

Back of the dress.  Photography by DianeH Photography.

Shown without the apron worn over brown corduroy ruffle pants.

Mushroom stripwork peasant shirt and brown corduroy ruffle pants
Your little girl will look so sweet in this 3/4 sleeve stripwork peasant shirt and corduroy ruffle pants. The elasticized collar and sleeves of the shirt stretch to fit several different sizes. The pants are made of soft brown corduroy and have an elastic waistband for comfort.
Available in sizes NB-6 years.

Photography by DianeH Photography

Closeup of the shirt.

Brown Corduroy Ruffle Pants (also sold separately.)

Tie shirt or onesie with brown corduroy pants
This necktie shirt or onesie and corduroy pants set is perfect for fall. The necktie features an autumn leaves print. The soft brown corduroy pants have an elastic waistband for comfort.
Available in sizes 0-3M 3-6M, 6-12M, 12-18M, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5/6.

Photography by DianeH Photography

Photography by DianeH Photography

Mushroom applique shirt or onesie and brown corduroy skirt set.
This shirt and skirt set features a mushroom applique on the shirt/onesie. The border on the soft brown corduroy skirt has a print that matches the mushroom cap on the applique. The skirt has an elastic waistband for comfort.
Available in sizes 0-3M 3-6M, 6-12M, 12-18M, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5/6.

Photography by DianeH Photography

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