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Friday, August 10, 2012

Etsy Baby Finds

I'm officially in love with Etsy.  The originality and creativity you can find there is amazing.  So, of course, I did some browsing for baby items since Baby #3 is due next month (Oh my word!!  Did I really just say next month?  How did that happen?!?!)

Click on the caption below each picture to follow the link to the specific item.

Personalized Facebook Announcement Onesie
What a unique way to announce baby's arrival!  You can have this personalized with baby's name, birth information, picture, and family info.  How cute would this be on the birth announcements? 
Onesie from Zoey's Attic.
Monthly Onesie Stickers
I like to take monthly pictures of my babies (actually, I totally spaced out on this with my first, but I have a taken monthly pictures of Little Man since he was born) and this is a great way to remember what age the baby is in each picture.  Monthly stickers from Little Baby Bumblebee.
Guitar Bib
We love anything music themed in this house and it's so hard to find guitar themed baby items that are accoustic guitars and not electric.  Plus, the colors in this bib are adorable!
Bib from Hip Violet.

Announcement Onesie
 This baby is going to have to love owls.  Period.  I mean, they're just so cute on babies!!  This onesie incorporates all of my favorite boy colors (blue, brown, green), and I love the applique.
Onesie from The Peachy Owl.

I Heart Mormor Onesie
 A shoutout to my Swedish roots (my parents are each 1/2 Swedish which means that I am too).  In case you didn't know, Mormor is what Swedish children call their maternal grandmother.  The maternal grandfather is Morfar, paternal grandmother is Farmor and paternal grandfather is Farfar.  What a great way to avoid confusion about who your child is talking about!
Onesie from design by mar.

Minnesota Onesies
 Yup, I'm a Minnesota girl through and through (I was born in Florida, but my parents moved back to good old Minnee-sohtah when I was 2 months old)  Gotta love these onesies!  Other states also available.
Onesies from RoundBottom Baby.

Guitar Crinkle Taggie
 Oh look, another guitar themed baby item!  I've never met a baby who doesn't love a good crinkle taggie toy and this one is just too cute!
Crinkle Taggie from Honey Lime Designs.

Singing Birds Minky Blanket
Super soft, warm minky with my favorite boy color combo (blue and brown) and singing birds!  What's not to love?
Blanket from YATOIL.

Wooden Teethers
I've already decided that I'm getting some of these for Baby #3 for Christmas this year!  There are so many shapes to choose from (including every US state) and wooden toys are just so durable and classic.  And yes, that's a Star Trek one in the upper right corner :) 
Teethers from Little Sapling Toys.

What are some of your favorite finds or shops on Etsy?

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