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Saturday, August 11, 2012

35 Weeks!

How Far along: 35 weeks

Baby's Size:  Baby weighs approximately 5 pounds.

Sleep: Between waking up to use the bathroom once a night and baby waking me up with his nighttime gymnastics routine, I'm not sleeping very well anymore.  I've been needing more naps too just so I can function.  Really makes it hard to get anything productive done!

Best Moments This Week: Finding out that my best friend gave birth to her third baby boy on July 30th!  Congratulations, Lisa!!

Miss Anything?: Being able to move.  It's uncomfortable to move, bend, stand, sit, lay, etc.

Movement?: Yes, but he's running out of room so the movements have slowed down a little.

Food Cravings:  Omelets, spaghettios. 

Things That Make Me Queasy: Just normal stuff right now.

Gender: Boy!

Labor Signs: Lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions (some of which are pretty painful), cramping in the stomach and back almost every day. 

Symptoms: Heartburn, fatigue, exhaustion, crazy hormones, etc...I'm sure it's a joy to be around me right now.  In the last few days, I've been in the bathroom practically every hour so either the baby has had a growth spurt or he's dropped a little, putting more pressure on my bladder. 

Mood Most Of The Time: Stressed.

Looking Forward To:  Seriously getting ready for the baby.  Now that I'm down to the last month, I realized how unprepared I am.  I made a list of things to do before baby comes:
  • Get cradle from in-laws and put together
  • Pick up the dresser from my parents' house
  • Pick up the baby clothes from my sister's house and drop off the boxes of clothes that Princess and Little Man have outgrown
  • Make at least 6 freezer meals (lasagna, meatloaf, meatballs, etc) and stock up on groceries.  In the freezer update: 2 pans of lasagna, 1 pan of deep dish pizza casserole, 2 pounds of pre-cooked hamburger meat/pork sausage, 4 doz. cookie dough balls, 24 muffin sized meatloafs, 1 chicken pot pie
  • Organize freezers (we have a regular one and a chest freezer)
  • Pick out a baby book (I ended up getting this calendar)
  • Pack my hospital bag, the diaper bag, and the kids' overnight bag
  • Get the newborn essentials: a few packs of diapers, pacifiers, etc
  • Rearrange kids' room so the new dresser fits
  • Rearrange car seats in the van and install infant carseat
  • Unpack baby clothes and gear.
  • Wash and sanitize baby bottles and pacifiers
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  1. 12 freezer meals...wow! That would be amazing.

    1. I'm cheating...I'm including precooked hamburger since it makes throwing something quick together so much easier :)


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