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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Best Recipe Ever!

I found a very handy recipe on food.com that I just HAD to pass on to the rest of you!

Yup.  Those are ice cubes.  You can find the recipe here.  While you're there, check out the reviews.  You will literally be rolling on the floor laughing.

Here a few of my favorite reviews:

"I guess they turned out OK. I assumed, like muffins, you had to grease the pan first. They did come out nice and easy, but they made our drinks awfully greasy. Next time I will grease AND flour the pan. Anyone else have this same problem?"

"This recipe is horrible! Maybe I should have left them in longer than two minutes (the recipe doesn't say how long to leave them in the freezer so I just kind of guessed) but mine came out all watery. I won't be making these again."

"I was wondering if you had a crock-pot version for this recipe. I work long hours and I just don't have the time to invest in this kind of hands-on cooking, but they really look yummy."

"KILLER RECIPE! Now I know what that other compartment that gets super cold is for. It sure didn't keep my lettuce happy. I also vaguely remember Ice Cubes from my childhood. G'ma made them for special occasions."

"The ice cubes were literally frozen and made my tea, coffee, soup unpleasantly cold. Besides, I prefer fresh to frozen ingredients. Sharon123's recipe for boiled Water is much better."
Sidenote: I also found this recipe for Boiled Water.  Once again, read the reviews.
Sidenote 2: I could've used the recipe for Boiled Water when I was a teenager.  While boiling water for pasta one evening, I sat down to read a book and ended up literally "burning water".  My mom, as you can imagine, was thrilled when she had to throw out the ruined pan.  

Incidentally, when my not-so-culinarily-inclined sister got married, I made her a cookbook with some of my favorite easy recipes.  The first section of the book included recipes for ice cubes, boiled water, and toast.  Yup, I'm that sister.

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  1. Bahaha that is seriously funny!!!

  2. I LOVE this post! Too funny!

    I always tell my husband to pick up a bag of ice on his way home from work. I never have a flat space in the freezer for ice cube trays, but can shove and balance a bag of ice in there easily!

    His response to the request is usually the same: "Can't you just make some?"
    My answer? "Nope, I lost the recipe!"

  3. Oh my! I never thought anyone would need a recipe for ice cubes. Of course, we now have the freezer with the icemaker in it so I suppose that if you didn't grow up with the ice trays, you might not know? Thanks for a great laugh!


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