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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Third Trimester Problems

I'm 38 weeks so third trimester problems have been plaguing me for a while now, but at this point in the pregnancy, things really get interesting because of my size.

Here's my list of #thirdtrimesterproblems.  

When I play my fiddle, I can't play the E string because the bow bumps into my stomach.

I'm pretty sure my arms are getting shorter.  I'm starting to feel like a t-rex.   

When Star stands in front of me holding onto my legs, I can't see her.  The only way I know she's there is by the little hands grabbing my knees.

When Little Man runs up to me to give me a hug, he bounces off my stomach.

I would rather leave a $50 dollar bill on the floor than bend over to pick it up.

My idea of exercise is getting up off the couch or rolling over in bed.

Getting up only once to use the bathroom counts as a good night of sleep.

95% of my maternity clothes are too small to cover my belly.

It's the middle of winter, but the idea of not putting on a pair socks when I go out is kind of appealing.

Fred Flintstone feet...'nuff said.

I have a very real fear that I won't be able to get my wedding ring off my swollen hands.

I'm ready to go to bed before the kids are at night.

My fastest speed is "slow turtle."

Any shoes that are not slip-ons are completely out of the question.

No more sitting in booths at restaurants!  Only tables with chairs that slide out, thank you very much.

The nesting instinct is kicking in big time, but I'm too big and uncomfortable to do much at all.

I'm starting to feel like people are viewing me as a ticking time bomb.

Questions like these.    

What would you add to this list?  Tweet me @supermommyornot with the hashtag #thirdtrimesterproblems or leave me a comment!

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