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Friday, March 11, 2011

I've Been Busy, How About You?

Yes, I know I've been slacking on the "blog front" lately. Here's a look at what I've been doing with my time....

I've been getting quite a few orders for my boutique so I've been working on making and shipping those out. I also have decided to change my boutique up a little bit. I eliminated several products such as burp cloths, washcloths, and carseat strap covers. I created a clearance album on my Facebook page that can be found here with all the products I will no longer be carrying. Check it out as things are going fast! I want to take my boutique in a slightly different direction by specializing in boutique style clothing for babies and children. I feel as if there are SO many boutiques out there that sell tutus and hair accessories and, although I plan to continue carrying those items because they are my top sellers, I want my boutique to my unique and different from every other boutique out there.

That leads me to another thing I've been working on. I'm making my kids Easter outfits this year.  Princess will wear a ruffled dress and Little Man will wear a coordinating bowtie and vest. As Princess is gone this weekend visiting cousins with her grandma, I plan to devote my time to sewing. I drafted a pattern for her dress yesterday and am really excited to start cutting out the fabric (which is super cute, by the way!).  Little Man stayed home, but he's the easiest baby ever and naps twice a day so I think I can handle this. :) Now if I could just get Hubby to go away for the weekend too.....

I was interviewed by our local newspaper a while back and the article ran a few weeks ago. Click here to read the article.

Oh yes, one more thing. Because apparently working part-time babysitting and almost full-time with my boutique isn't quite enough for me, I signed up to be an independent sales rep for Discovery Toys. I grew up playing with Discovery Toys and they were always my favorite toys to play with. They're great quality, educational, and creative. So I figured, why not start selling them? You can either order online at my website, www.discoverytoyslink.com/hannahwingert or you can book a party to earn free products for yourself. For people who are not from this area or would rather not have a home party, I will be offering catalog parties as well (I send you a bunch of catalogs and hostess info. You pass the catalogs out to your friends and send me their orders).

Little Man is officially a creepy crawlie! He learned how to crawl on his 9 month birthday and hasn't stopped moving since.  Princess was thrilled with the latest development for about 8 minutes before she realized that it meant she could no longer keep him away from her toys. About 2 weeks after learning how to crawl, Princess learned how to pull himself up on furniture which meant another level of babyproofing. I still have the exersaucer out for those times when I really need to work on the floor and he won't stop tackling me, but he complains the whole time he's in it because he's figured out why I put him in there.

Unsolicited Advice: When babyproofing for a crawling or walking baby, get down to their level to see everything they see.


  1. Hi,

    I didn't have a reply email for the comment you left me on my FOE post. The headband you've got is probably FOE - it's pretty stretchy. I usually make some size variations when I do my headbands, so they are comfortable for all day wear. I could get a kid sized one on my head, but not sure how good it would feel after a few hours!


    Cheryl @ Sew Can Do

  2. Yeah, a reply email would've been handy :) Thanks, for the tip! You have a great blog and I'm going to try making the felt play fort for my kids too.


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