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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Purdy River Band and the Coolest Parents Ever

Have I mentioned that my parents are in a band?  Actually, they're in several bands, but one of the bands just put out their first CD!  Yes, my parents are that cool.

The band is called the Purdy River Band, and they play bluegrass music.  My dad, Dave Anderson, plays the banjo (let the banjo jokes fly!) and sings lead and harmony.  My mom, Elizabeth Anderson, plays the upright bass and sings harmony.  My dad's brother, Jon Anderson, plays the mandolin, fiddle, and dobro and sings lead and harmony. The fourth member of the band (who I'm actually not related to, lol) is Chuck Lahr who plays guitar, sings lead, and writes the songs for the band.

My dad recorded and produced the CD and FYI, he's a total perfectionist when it comes to stuff like that so the sound is amazing.

Coolest guitar picks ever :)

The Purdy River Band can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation and on their website.  You can buy their cd, Midnight Run, on Amazon.  Check it out!

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