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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Little Dude's Tube Feeding Story

This time last year, Little Dude was still a month away from being born, and we had no idea what he would face.  If someone had told me that he would have to be tube fed, I would have completely freaked out.  In fact, after one of Little Dude's many doctor appointments when he was about a month old, I stopped at the Target Cafe to attempt to feed him before driving the 45 minutes back home.  While I struggled to get my screaming baby boy to take even one drink from his bottle, a family at a nearby table struck up a conversation with me.  They could definitely see that something was wrong and asked about him.  We talked for a while and at one point, the mom asked what the doctors were planning to do if we couldn't get him to eat.  I remember standing there stunned when she asked if he would have to get a feeding tube.  I stammered out that I didn't know, but in my head I was in complete disbelief and denial that it would ever come to that.  I mean, only kids who were seriously ill, disabled, or premature got feeding tubes, right?  Little did I know that less than a month later, I would be signing a form allowing a surgeon to place a G Tube in my baby's stomach.

Little Dude had an Ng tube for 5 days before getting his G Tube


  1. Does Little Dude ever try to bother it? Visiting from Love That Max.

    1. Hi Kathryn! We keep his G Tube covered with a onesie at all times so he hasn't had much chance to mess with it. He sometimes grabs it reflexively during baths, but otherwise doesn't seem to notice it. Because he's had it most of his life, I don't think he sees it as anything interesting. We'll see how that changes as he becomes a toddler though!


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