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Saturday, May 2, 2015

So My Sister Got Married...

My baby sister got married yesterday. 

I wasn't invited.

Yes, we're getting along just fine (we went shopping for a dress for her wedding the day before she got married.)  She and her fiance had a very small ceremony at the park with a justice of the peace.  They each had a witness to stand up for them, and both sets of parents were there.  They plan to have a simple reception at a later date to celebrate their marriage with friends and family. 

When she married her husband, my sister followed in the steps of my older sister and me by marrying her first boyfriend. 

They kept their wedding a secret until the last minute from everyone except for a few close friends and family.  The reactions they've received since letting the cat out of the bag have been good overall, but there were a few people who were horrified at the way the wedding was done. 

I'm proud of my sister for doing things the way she wanted to do them and not giving into society's pressure to spend a ton of money on a big wedding.  She and her fiance decided that the most important thing was the marriage, not the wedding, and that's something that gets confused quite a bit nowadays.

Congratulations to my baby sister...I'm still having a hard time believing that she's married now...maybe it's because I didn't get to actually see the wedding?

Anyways, I'm thrilled for her and her new husband and can't wait to see them when they get back from their weekend honeymoon.              

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