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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Little Dude's 2nd Annual Birthday Blessings Bash

Hey, I'm still here!  My blog has been sadly neglected, but I've been working on a blogging schedule and will be starting up again soon.  For now though, I'm back with Little Dude's 2nd Annual Birthday Blessings Bash!

Little Dude will be TWO next week so it's time to kick this off!  We've been blessed with so much help and so many prayers since Little Dude was born, and so we're giving back by donating 20% of the sales made during the month of March from Annalie's Baby Boutique to a different organization each year.

Last year, we were able to donate $25 to Gracie's Gowns, a non-profit organization that provides personalized hospital gowns to chronically ill and special needs children at no cost to the family. Gracie's Gowns is very special to me because not only was it founded and run by a very sweet friend of mine, but because Little Dude received a gown from her as well.

This year, I've chosen Go Shout Love.  I've followed Go Shout Love on Instagram for about 2 years now and love what they do to support families of children who have rare diseases.  They feature a different family each month to raise awareness for their disease and money to help with medical and related expenses.

Let's make this a great month for Go Shout Love!

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I appreciate each of my readers and would love to connect with you on Facebook and Instagram!

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