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Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting Married

After 2 very serious posts, I think it's time for me to lighten the mood around here a little.
Here's the conversation between me and Princess this morning:

Princess: *Hands me her empty cereal bowl* "I'm going to get married now, Mommy."

Me: "Okay, have fun!"

Princess: "Okay, bye!"

Me: *Spots a mess of dollhouse furniture scattered on the floor* "Hold on, kiddo.  Before you can get married, you have to pick up your toys."

Princess: *Sighs* "Yes, Ma'am"

A few minutes pass...

Princess: "I'm all done!  Can I get married now?!?"

Me: *Checks to be sure she's telling the truth* "Looks good!  Okay, you can get married now."

Princess: "Yay!  Thank you so much, Mommy!"  Bye!" *Puts on her tulle covered tiara and pink sequin dress-up shoes and disappears into her room*

I never thought I'd be giving my 3 year old daughter permission to get married on the condition that she clean up her toys first.

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