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Friday, September 9, 2011

Baby Season

After 2 boys, my sister had a baby girl yesterday.  She's a sweet little (I use that term loosely) thing with a head of dark hair and pinchable cheeks who weighed 10 pounds, 4 ounces at birth.  Ouch.  My sister had a 3 hour labor with no time for drugs so the whole thing was natural.  Double ouch.

Princess with her newest cousin
We're very excited about the birth of little Abigail or Abby as she'll be called.  Princess had the decency not to say "I told you so" over Abby being an Abigail instead of a Gabriel.  She kept telling us that it was going to be a "girl baby" and, we kept telling her it could very well be a boy, but she was positive and wouldn't be swayed.  By the end of my sister's pregnancy, when asked what the baby would be, Princess would say begrudgingly, "It could be a girl baby *sigh* or it could be a boy baby." and then she would brighten up and finish with, "But it's a girl baby!!"  Kudos to you, Princess.  She now has a 100% track record with predicting genders (that would be 5 out of 5).  I'm thinking I might start charging people to find out what they are expecting.  Hey, the kid might as well earn her keep around here.

My brother and his wife are also expecting a baby in November.  Yeah, I know.  When we have babies in my family, we have them in batches.  First were the three oldest kidlets, Princess and her two cousins who are about 6 months apart from oldest to youngest.  Next came the 3 younger cousins who are less than a month apart from oldest to youngest.  And now my sister and sister-in-law are having babies close together.  I opted out of this stretch of baby production.  Hubby says we're out of the game completely, but I can just picture God leaning out of Heaven with a chuckle saying, " How about I bless them with a set of triplets to show 'em who's in charge here."

To be honest, I was sitting on pins and needles until my sister actually delivered her baby yesterday.  The first two times she announced a new addition, I followed with an announcement of my own.  Both times, I told everyone I was NOT pregnant and then found out a few days later that I had unwittingly told a lie.  So this time, when my sister started glowing and throwing up, everyone looked at me expectantly (no pun intended).  Like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" or the contemporary version of this fable, "The Girl Who Cried Because She Was Hormonal and Pregnant, But Didn't Know It Yet" they naturally didn't believe me when I denied any upcoming offspring.  After this happening twice, I thought for sure, my sister's pregnancies were contagious and, no matter how hard I tried to prevent it, I was sure to follow her footsteps again.  But here we are...baby Abby is practicing her newfound stretching skills, and I'm (as far as I know!) not in the baby-making business at the moment.



  1. I'll take you up on Princess' skills!!! I'd love to know what I'm having, LOL. Congratulations on the beautiful new niece!!!!

  2. Thanks Megan! We're very happy she's finally here :)


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