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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Traditions

We mistook Princess for the Christmas tree and started decorating her instead. 
We decorated for Christmas this week.  A little later than usual, but I've been so busy that Christmas decorating had to be put off.  Don't even ask about Christmas baking or wrapping presents. 

I told Princess to put her arm around her brother.  Notice how she isn't quite touching Little Man. 
The kiddos' Christmas outfits made by Moi.  They can be purchased here.  Photography by DianeH Photography

I've always been a big one for tradition.  One of my favorite Christmas traditions growing up was our family Christmas reading party.  Yup.  We had reading parties year round and loved it.  Everyone would pick out a book (at Christmas time, we picked a Christmas book), grab some snacks and find a cozy spot in the living room to read.  My kids are a little young for that yet, but I give each of them a Christmas book as a gift each Christmas just as my mom did.  

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas books from when I was a child.  When I moved out, my mom gave me the books I'd received over the years at Christmas to start a collection for my own children.
Here's another very special book.  I received this when I was 6 years old from the ambulance crew in our town after they saved my life when I stopped breathing due to a severe asthma attack.
The captain of the ambulance crew wrote a special note in the front of the book.
My mom liked us to learn about other cultures as well so one year, this is the book I received for Christmas.  It's another of my favorites.
These are some of my favorite Christmas books to read now that I'm an adult.  If you haven't read anything by Karen Kingsbury, RUN to the nearest library or Christian bookstore and get one of her books NOW.  You won't regret it. 

Our landlady/friend gave Princess this book for Christmas a few years ago.  Lisa Tawn Bergren is such a wonderful author and has a whole series like this for kids.
I keep all the Christmas books in a box under the Christmas tree along with several Nativities for the kids to play with during the Christmas season.

I found this plush finger puppet Nativity set at the Christian Book Store for half price after Christmas a few years ago.  The figures fold up inside the barn and the barn itself plays Silent Night.  Very cute and the kids LOVE playing with it. 
I keep the other Nativity set (a miniature one like what I played with as a child) in a music box tin.
 In addition to giving each of the kids a Christmas book each year, I also give them a Christmas ornament that reflects back on the past year.  For instance, Princess has received a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament, a "Big Sister" ornament, and a ballerina ornament.  Little Man is only on his second Christmas so last year he got a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament and this year he's receiving a guitar shaped ornament because he loves guitars so much. 

What are some Christmas traditions you have with your family?


  1. A Reading Party! I love it! What an incredible idea! I think I might steal it... :)

    1. Please do! It's a lot of fun and so cozy on a snowy night! :)

  2. I love all the books you have! I really want to get some more. I think I will have to look for a few of yours & add them to our library!

    1. The best time to buy Christmas books is right after Christmas when they go on sale. That's when I buy my kids' books for next year :)

  3. New follower from the Toddle Along blog hop. I love the idea of a box of books under the Christmas tree. I have all his Christmas books in a basket in his room, but if I can find an appropriately sized box, I could even wrap it in Christmas paper to make it look more festive! Thanks for the wonderful idea.


    1. I've been meaning to wrap my box in Christmas paper to make it look nicer under the tree. Maybe I'll get it done this year :)

  4. I love love love your kids' Christmas outfits - especially the dress! The style is fabulous, looks like a great dress for twirling! :)

  5. I love the reading party idea! I may have to steal :] A Christmas book every year is such a good idea. Maybe that can be their one Christmas eve present. Love it!


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