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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Family Time

This week, I finally got the chance to introduce Star to all three of my grandparents.  They all live several hours away so it was an all-day trip.  Hubby had to work so he couldn't come, but thankfully, my parents and younger sister joined us so I didn't have to handle all three munchkins on my own.

First, we met my dad's mom, his sister, and her husband (my grandma, aunt, and uncle) at Ikea for lunch (and shopping, of course!)  I could spend days in that place so I made sure to pick up a catalog for drooling over browsing at home. 

Clockwise around the table: Little Man, my mom, my dad, Princess, my aunt, my grandma feeding Star a bottle.

Little Man enjoyed an elderflower juicebox with his lunch.

Little Man preferred to hang out in the kids' section rather than join "the girls" for shopping.
After hugs all around, we packed into the van again and headed over to my mom's parents' condo for the afternoon.

Little Man and Princess coloring at the dining room table.

Princess was so proud of her picture.

Showing her artwork off to "Meemah".

Nostalgia-when I was a kid staying with my grandparents, I loved to listen to my grandparents' grandfather clock chime and watch my grandpa wind it every night before bed.  Unfortunately, it stopped working a few years ago.

My grandma's killer spoon collection from my grandparents' travels.  Someday, I hope to have a collection this big!

I was thrilled to receive some swaddling blankets for Star from my aunt when we met her at Ikea.  She hand crochets the edges of a full yard of flannel to make these blankets.  The blankets are lightweight and big enough for swaddling even older babies.  She always makes 2 identical blankets for each niece or nephew which means that when one is in the wash, there's a spare.  My older two children still sleep with and treasure theirs.  Definitely a keepsake for years to come!

Star loves being swaddled!

My aunt let me pick out my own flannel fabric for these blankets and I fell in love with this argyle owl print.

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  1. The owl blanket is adorable! I love how it looks with the crocheted edge.:)

  2. That's really special that your kids get to meet their great Grandmas. It can be a rare thing nowadays! That first photo of Star in the swaddle blanket is just adorable - love the look on her face!

    1. We're very blessed because all 4 great-grandmas are still living and none of them live more than 6 hours away. One of my grandpas and one of my husband's grandpas have passed away, but 6 great grandparents is still a big blessing!

  3. How nice to be able to spend all that time with your family! The blanket is very cozy looking and I love the idea of a "spare"


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