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Friday, October 4, 2013

Dear New Baby

When I was 14, I met my best friend, Lisa, at summer camp.  When camp was over and we were packing up to go home, we exchanged addresses and agreed to keep in touch.  Since then, we've seen each other a total of three times, twice when we visited the other for birthdays before her family moved across the country and then once more when she and her husband stopped for a quick visit on a cross-country trip with their little boy three years ago.  We email each other regularly and text frequently.  When one of us has a problem or just needs to vent, we know who we can go to without any judgement.  We went through our teenage years together, have both gotten married to wonderful men, and are raising three children each (although I'm about to come out ahead again in March by bringing my total to four children :)  It's hard to believe that a friendship that started at summer camp so long ago is still going strong 15 years later.  

Recently, I got an email from Lisa addressed to the new baby and it was so touching and sweet that I just had to share it with you.      
Dear New Baby-
    I feel it is my duty as one of your momma's closest friends to write you this letter and clue you in on a few things.
    For one, you're kind of winning the lottery family wise. You're going to have 2 big sisters and a big brother. You're an especially lucky baby, not everyone gets such amazing siblings.
    Your oldest sister, Princess, will probably regard you as one of her minions at first, but, she'll love you more than you'll ever know. Be patient with her, outside of your parents, she'll be one of the last to treat you your real age- you'll always be her baby sibling. You'll be able to go to her with questions and advice that you feel funny asking your parents. Princess will answer all your questions and give you the best advice. You, on the flip side, will no doubt always have a bit of hero worship for your oldest sister- she'll always seem so mature and wonderful to you (and your feelings won't be off base, she's pretty amazing!).
    Now, lets talk about your brother, Little Man. If you're a little boy, expect Little Man to cling to you like no one's business. Another boy in the herd! If you're a little girl, expect Little Man to love on you like crazy. If you are a little girl, he's going to be the man of house and that comes with great responsibility. No one will ever mess with his siblings- especially his sisters! Little Man will love you to bits regardless of if you're a brother or sister. No doubt you'll pick up funny phrases from him (ask your momma and daddy for a few of the great things he's come up with!). Little Man will also teach you all about how to jump off couches and play tag and build amazing forts. Little Man will be your rock, your protection (as if they could get through Princess) and your comic relief. Coming from experience, there is no greater love than the love of an older brother.
    On to Star. Star is going to teach you all things cute. As your nearest sibling, she'll teach you how to very easily and very quickly wrap your parents around that tiny finger of yours. She'll be the one you look to as someone that is sort of like you! You'll no doubt look to her when you're wondering about that whole walking and talking thing. She'll be your partner in crime, your all nighter talking and giggling buddy. She'll be someone you look to with a bit less hero-worship as your older siblings, but, a whole lot more mischief. Don't doubt for a second that she'll be quick to remind you that YOU'RE the baby of the family and she controls you (or so she thinks ^_~).
    You have pretty wonderful parents too, little baby. Your parents love you with a love that cannot be put into words. Never, for one moment, ever think you cannot go to them for ANYTHING. Go to them, they've lived and learned and love you regardless of everything in this world. You may feel funny sometimes, talk to them anyway. Trust me on this, you'll never regret going to them. Keep them in the loop with your life, even when you think you know it all and don't want your parents involved, keep them informed. Trust them, respect them, honor them. When they discipline you, they do it because they love you too much to let you keep behaving that way. When they give you advice that sounds crazy, give them the benefit of the doubt that they might have more of a clue than you're giving them credit for. They would die for you in a heartbeat little baby. They love you with an unconditional, everlasting love that is second only to God's love. They'll fight for you, protect you and even when you don't want them to be, they'll be in your corner
    So, that's it little guy/girl. Hurry on up and get here (but not too soon!). There is a whole family of people that cannot wait to meet you. You'll be hugged and cuddled a lot in the beginning- be patient with everyone, no doubt you'll be one of the most gorgeous and cutest babies they've ever seen. They can't help themselves from showering love and cuddles on you, they're human not robots!
    Thoughts and prayers always little one,


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