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Monday, October 14, 2013

Random Monday-October 14, 2013

I've been dying to try a pumpkin spice chai latte, but haven't made it to Trader Joe's to buy their mix yet.  However, I was at Target last week and picked up an International Delight Pumpkin Spice creamer.  I added a little to my regular chai that I make from the mix I buy at Sam's Club and it was to die for.  Seriously, go try it.

Star caught a bug last Monday.  By the time we were heading home from Hubby's grandpa's funeral, she had a pretty high fever.  She slept a lot this week, didn't eat much, spiked several high fevers, and cried quite a bit.  Friday was the worst.  She screamed and tried to climb up me if I put her down, but when I held her, she cried and hit me.  She was obviously very miserable, but even Tylenol didn't help.  Thankfully, she woke up on Saturday feeling much better although she was still tired and out-of-sorts all weekend.  

Little Man told my brother-in-law: "I used to have a little mommy, but now I have a biiiig mommy!"  Thanks, Buddy. 

Hubby's grandpa passed away last week and it was hard on our family.  Princess cried off and on for the first few days after we told her.  When we went to visit Hubby's grandma two days after his grandpa died, Princess behaved terribly the whole time we were there, and I think seeing her great grandpa's empty chair and actually realizing that he's not there anymore was hard for her.  We told Little Man that Great Grandpa went to heaven, but he's too young to really understand what we mean.  At the viewing and funeral, Little Man was pretty confused.  Here's a few of the things he said at the viewing:

Little Man: "Why is he sleeping?"
Me: "He's not sleeping, he died, Honey."
Little Man: "Did he walk in here and then lay down?"

"Where's Grandpa's feet?"

Little Man: "Grandma, wake him up!"
Grandma: "Honey, Great Grandpa's gone.  We can't wake him up."
Little Man: "No, he's not.  He's right here!"

"Who will close the lid?  Will Jesus close the lid?  I think God will close the lid."

"Grandpa's in Heaven! Last night, I went to heaven with Jesus too."  (He's confusing sleeping with going to heaven)

"Is that heaven?" (pointing to the coffin)

Princess asked Hubby's mom why Great Grandpa died.  Her answer was that Great Grandpa was very sick, and so God called him home because it was his time to go.  That night, Princess's bedtime prayer went like this: "Dear God, take care of Great Grandma and help her not to get sick and not to go home.  Don't tell her that it's her time."  

Have you had a family member die?  How did you explain it to your young children?

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