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Monday, November 4, 2013

Random Monday-November 4, 2013

Little Man told me that when he gets hurt, I should give him bacon and a hug.  I'm pretty sure that that combo would fix any owies I get too.

Little Man was asking me questions about the baby in my tummy the other day.  Here are a few of my favorites:
"Is the baby going to fly out of your tummy?" (Ha!  If only it were that easy!)
"Is the baby crying in your tummy?" (Only if you keep poking my stomach.)
"Is there a baby in your leg too?"  (Wait a minute, what are you implying?!?)

Little Man's typical bedtime prayer: "Dear Jesus, thank you for a wonderful day. Thank you for "What Does the Fox Say?' *breaks into an enthusiastic "wa pow pow pa pow pow pow!" and dances crazily mid-prayer before moving on*.  Thank you for the tractor that went in the field with the trailer and it didn't get breaked and Grandpa drived it and I didn't even get to ride along because I want to and Grandpa didn't come get me so I could.  Amen."

BTW, if you've seen the viral song "What Does the Fox Say" on Youtube, you should check out this parody.  If you ask me, it's even better than the original :)

I love this picture that Princess drew of her and Little Man in school.  She wrote their ages and first initials above each one.  I'm not sure, but I think Little Man has a beard and mustache. 

Because my craft room is actually a 2 foot wide area behind the couch in the living room, I have to cut fabric on my living room floor.  Due to having, well, children, I usually do this during nap/rest/ask-every-5-seconds-if-it's-time-to-get-up-yet time, but sometimes, I'm working on something that needs to be done asap.  Such as a dress for Princess to wear to school the next day.  However, this is what happens when I lay my fabric on the floor to cut:

I've been told that I have a very cute fabric weight.  This may be true, but I'd rather have a fabric weight that doesn't wiggle so much.


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