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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby #4 - 24 Weeks

How Far along: 24 weeks.  Because I'm at the point in this pregnancy where things don't really change much from week to week, I'm moving to biweekly posts for the time being.   

24 Weeks

Baby's Size: Baby is about the size of an ear of corn (just in time for harvest season!) and is approximately 12" long and weighs 1 1/3 pound.  Taste buds are forming and pretty soon, baby will start to put weight on so he or she will be a chubby, cuddly newborn.

Sleep: Can't get enough.  I've been needing (not wanting, but needing) naps frequently. 

Movement?: Lots of movement :)  Princess was able to catch a few kicks the other day and thought that was pretty cool.  This baby doesn't seem as active as the others were which maybe means that he or she will be laid back and easy going, right?  Lol

Food Cravings: Anything with pumpkin.  I think that has to do with the season we're in :)  I've also been craving veggies, but unfortunately, only if they're smothered in butter which kind of makes them less healthy, right?

Things That Make Me Queasy: Been feeling pretty good lately.

Gender: We're keeping it a secret because of what happened last time and because I just get so annoyed with the comments and assumptions about my family when I tell people what I'm having.  I can tell you that the baby is healthy and right on track for growth. :)  My standard answer when someone asks what I'm having is to smile and say, "Well, we know it's either a boy or a girl!"  So far, that's worked pretty well :) 

Labor Signs: A few Braxton-Hicks contractions here and there, but nothing too bad.  Last time, I was having a lot of them by this time so this is much better.

Symptoms: Tired, hungry, crying at everything and nothing.  Little Man went to church on Wednesday night and told someone that Mommy had been crying before church.  She then proceeded to yell across the church to ask if that was true which meant that everyone turned around and looked at me.  *Embarrassing*

Mood Most Of The Time: Depends on the minute you're asking. 

Looking Forward To:  My glucose testing at my next doctor's appointment...NOT!  I've always been fine on the numbers so I'm not worried about that, but that big cup of super sweet fruit punch makes me gag.


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    1. Awww, you're too sweet! I feel like a whale so it's good to know that I don't resemble one too :)


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