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Monday, March 3, 2014

Random Monday - March 3, 2014

Princess has had her orthodontic appliance to correct her cross bite for 5 days now and is doing great with it!  No soreness except for the first day (and I think that was just because it was such a weird feeling for her to have something in her mouth), and she's been very good about leaving it in all day and all night.  She is a little hard to understand right now, but I'm thinking I should teach her some of Sid the Sloth's lines from Ice Age and have some fun with this.  You know, because I'm such an awesome mom :)

Our taxes are done!  We signed them today and are done until next year.  Yay!  I always dread it so much, but this year I didn't forget to bring anything important with to the CPA's office so it made things a little smoother.  Usually we wait until late March to do our taxes, but with Baby #4 arriving anyday now (take the hint, kid!) we figured we'd better get them done sooner rather than later.

Star hasn't been napping very well in the afternoon lately which I assumed meant that she was ready to give up her morning nap.  But on more than one occasion in the morning, she has come over to me crying and when I ask her if she wants to go night-night, she nods her head enthusiastically, her eyes light up, and she takes off towards her pack n' play, chattering happily all the way.  When I lay her down, she lays down, grabs her special blanket, kisses it, and smiles happily at me before falling asleep.  And then, of course, she refuses to take an afternoon nap and is super tired and cranky by suppertime.  But how do I say no to a toddler begging for a nap? 

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