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Friday, March 14, 2014


The three older kids came home last night from spending the week with my in-laws.  It's nice to have them back, but also just a little bit really exhausting.  And just for fun, Little Man and Star came home with colds which makes this Mama-of-a-newborn just a little nervous about germ-sharing.

This is how my day has gone so far...

"Don't pick up the baby!"

"Stop poking his eyes." 

"Stop playing in the toilet!"

"Don't sit on the baby!"

"Stop pushing the swing! The baby does NOT want to go faster."

"Who threw all the fridge magnets all over the kitchen floor?!?"

"Don't wipe your nose on the baby's blanket, please."

"Stop touching his face."

"Stay out of the baby's bassinet."

"Don't climb on Mommy when she's holding the baby.  Actually, just don't climb on Mommy at all right now."

"Give me back the baby's bottle...wait...no, don't put it in your mouth!"

"Leave the baby alone for 2 minutes, please!"

"Yes, Mommy's tummy is still big.  No, there are no more babies in it."

"Put that dishsoap back under the sink NOW."

And my personal favorite...

"Yes, we are ALL taking naps after lunch today."

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  1. Hope you all had those naps and are getting a little more settled. I thought babies liked to go really, really fast in those swings? ;)


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