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Friday, January 16, 2015

Little Dude - 10 Months

Age: 10 months

Weight and height: 16 pounds, 11 ounces and 28 inches long.  He lost a little weight while he was sick this past month.

Wearing size: Size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes. 

Likes: He's very sociable and LOVES attention.  He loves being on the floor to play and army crawl around and he's obsessed with paper, which is not good because he eats it and then chokes on it. 

Dislikes: He really hates it when I do his G Tube and skin care every morning-not because it hurts, but because he can't roll over and play when I'm doing it.  He also hates his skin care routine because he strongly dislikes having his hands, arms, and head touched and manipulated.  To get him to lay still and stop fighting me, I play a Youtube video on my tablet for him to watch while I'm taking care of his tube (he's a big fan of Peter Hollens, Lindsey Stirling, and Baby Einstein).  His sensitivity to the other kids had been disappearing, but being sick so much lately has set him back and he doesn't tolerate them being near him very well right now.

Eating habits: He gets five bottles a day with 5.5 ounces of water and 3 scoops of the Alimentum formula.  He drinks about 50% of his formula throughout the day, and the rest is tube fed.  He gets pureed baby food 1-2 times a day, and I just started giving him gluten free baby puffs which he seems to like.  

Sleeping habits: He takes a morning nap from about 9:30 am to 10:30 when I wake him up for his next feeding.  He's such a light sleeper that when I try to tube feed him so he can sleep longer, he wakes up anyways.  He stays up until after his 1:30 feeding and then sleeps until his 4:30 feeding.  He's dropped the third nap of the day and goes to bed around 8 pm at night after his 7:30 feeding.  
Milestones: He's getting better at sitting on his own and is able to do it for about 60 seconds now before tipping over.  He's really good at army crawling and leans to his right side to avoid putting pressure on his G Tube.  We're working on getting him up on his hands and knees, but he's not very interested in that.
Miscellaneous: January is a very busy month for Little Dude with MANY doctors' appointments at Mayo.  We will be at the clinic 1-3 times a week with him and he has multiple appointments on quite a few of those days.   

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