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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday from Elmo

My baby girl is 3 years old now! We had a fun party for her with family and a few friends. She looked especially cute in her tutu set and her pillowcase dress I made her. Of course, with all the excitement, there was one accident on her part, about 15 minutes after she put on her tutu set. She was pretty upset about it, but we just put her back in her pillowcase dress which she's been wearing before and went on with the party. I was kind of hoping to hold of on Barbie dolls as long as possible because to be honest, I really hate stumbling over naked Barbies. My 3 year streak is done.  Princess received not one, not two, but SEVEN barbies for her birthday. She was ecstatic, I was wondering if it would be acceptable for me to hot glue their clothes on.

We entered a reading contest at the public library a while back and won hands down. Not that we're that good or read that much, but we were the only people who entered. Sad, huh? Anyways, we won a ticket to go see Sesame Street Live in a city about 2 1/2 hours from where we live. Never one to turn down something free even though it meant buying tickets for the adults and spending gas and food money to get up there and back, we decided to go for it. We left Little man with my sister and my mom, my nephew, Will, Hubby, Princess, and I all went. The kids had a blast. Their eyes about popped out of their heads when Elmo came out. Naturally, I had to make them clothes for the occasion. Will got a Cookie Monster shirt, and Princess got a Elmo shirt, sparkly hearts tutu skirt, and Elmo hair clippies. BTW, not to put a plug in for myself, but they can all be purchased at annaliesbabyboutique.com Hehe.
We almost didn't go though because it was so. freaking. cold. that morning. We had to leave pretty early to get there by 10:30 am which is when the show started. When we got up at 6:30, it was -19 with a windchill of -33. Chilly! We decided, however, that it was worth risking frostbite and possibly freezing to death if we broke down in the middle of nowhere (not really an issue because we traveled on a main highway with lots of traffic the whole way there and had three cell phones between the five of us, but for the sake of dramatics...) Hubby's driving skills in the big city leave something to be desired, something called SAFETY. I think I almost wet my pants several times on the way there. We're little country folk who apparently are under the impression that Minnesota nice extends to big city driving ("Ummm, honey. That truck is NOT moving over for you. Perhaps you should not merge right n.....*Screams*") But we made it and I was incredibly thankful that Hubby came because if I had been driving, we would've come home with massive dents in the van and possibly some hospital bills.

Unsolicited Advice:
When your kids have to eat breakfast or snacks in the car, have them help you make cereal necklaces to wear. That way you don't have to worry about cereal all over your car.

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