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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chocolate? Yes, please!

My biggest fan, aka, my mom has been not-so-subtly hinting that she'd like to see another blog post, specifically about Princess turning four.  I promise that that post is coming soon, but I have another one I need to write first.  Sorry, Mama :)

Do you like chocolate?  Strangely enough, I actually know a few people who don't.  I'm still trying to determine what's wrong with them.

Me...I LOVE chocolate.  Like, really love it.  So when my sweet friend at Baby Bug Boutique announced that she was now an Independent Chocolatier (the title alone makes me want to sign up too!) for Dove Chocolate Discoveries, a chocolate home party company (you know, like Tupperware) created by Dove chocolate, I just had to book a party.  Especially after she sent me a catalog to drool over, I mean, pore over and a sample of the Chocolate Chai.  
Dove Chocolate Discoveries
I wasn't sure about the chocolate chai tea at first.  Chai tea is something else I love as much as chocolate, but I was a little unnerved about putting the two flavors together.  What if it was too much of a good thing?  What if the two flavors competed with each other and I ended up not really tasting much of either?  What if I loved it so much that I ended up going into debt buying it?  So many concerns...

That last concern turned out to be a very real one.  The stuff was to. die. for.  And for those who just want to stick with regular chai tea, Dove Chocolate Discoveries sells that too.

And now, to torture you a little, I present you with just a few of the mouth watering creations from Dove Chocolate Discoveries.  

Choco-Caramel Crunch

Salted Caramels

Now you can put chocolate on anything!
 You can check out the online catalog for many more delicious choices.  Online ordering is not available yet, but you can email your order to Jessica at babybugsboutique@yahoo.com to place your e-mail order or call 540-287-0143.  If you're really nice, you'll let her know I sent you so she can apply it to my book party that is currently open until February 15th.  Yes, shameless plug, I know.  I wish I felt bad about it, but I really don't.  Because I want to order lots of chocolate from her, but I'll go broke if I do so I need some hostess credit.  Feel free to book your own party as well so you can earn free chocolate too! 

If you donate $1, $5, or $10 to Make a Wish Foundation through Dove Chocolate Discoveries, they will send you a certificate in the same amount to be used towards a future purchase.  Awesome!

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