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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I wrote this poem when Princess was 7 months old. She was obsessed with my glasses at that time and, much to Hubby's delight, was constantly touching them with her slobbery sticky little fingers.

There's a fingerprint on my glasses
Just over my right eye
But I can't bring myself to wipe it away
Although it's blurring my sight
Because someday I will wish
That you were back in my arms again
Exploring the details of my face
With tiny fingers, so delicate and warm
Staring up into my eyes
With such a trusting gaze
It's especially in moments like this
I wish you would always stay
My baby girl, my tiny one
So soft, so small, so sweet
And yet, I can't wait to see you grow
Into a woman with the world at her feet
But for now, just stay with me
Let me rock you while we still have time
And when you leave fingerprints on my glasses
I pray they'll remind me that for now
You're still mine.

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