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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Treasure Every Moment

We've all heard this:

"Enjoy your kids now because you'll never get these days back."
"They'll never be this little again."
"Treasure each day with your child."

It seems that I always run across one of those blog posts or memes on days when I haven't had too many good mommy moments.  Days when I'm literally counting down the minutes until bedtime and simultaneously dreading the usual bedtime battle.  Days when the kids weren't the only ones yelling around our house.  Days when I wish I was done with diapers or potty training for good.

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  1. Yes! It's so easy to forget this!

  2. Those words can only be said by a mother with grown children. Those bad days just don't seem as bad in retrospect and you do wish for the days when the children were young again.

  3. I read a quote today that really spoke to me. It said, "We try as mothers to be perfect, but only God is perfect."

  4. This was a great post! Plenty of bad days happened around here when my boys were younger and there are new challenges as they get older it seems. Good days happen as well but it is certainly not sunshine and rainbows all the time...I like your thoughts on not adding extra guilt to it all. We're all doing the best we can for own little families :)


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