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Monday, May 20, 2013

Random Monday-May 20, 2013

Star prefers to feed herself bottles now.  It's cute and makes things easier somedays, but it also means I get less cuddle time with my cutie :(

We went to a parade on Saturday. 

Little Man insisted on wearing these glasses to the parade.

Princess rode on the VBS float for our church which she enjoyed (probably because she hasn't figured out yet that it means she gets less candy.)  I tried to get a picture of her on the float, but she was on the opposite side of the float then we were so I barely caught a glimpse of her as she tossed a handful of tootsie rolls.

Star LOVED the parade.  I was worried that the loud noises would scare her, but she couldn't get enough.  She watched the floats intently, clapped almost constantly, and laughed frequently.

Standing with a little help from my sister to watch the parade

Little Man got right into the candy collecting and waved happily at every float that went by.

Little Man and Hubby watching their favorite part of the parade
My nephew and Little Man with their buckets of candy after the parade

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  1. Love the pictures especially Little Man in his glasses.

  2. Wow that was a lot of candy! We never can get that much at a parade.

    Star is adorable! They grow so fast. M doesn't like to cuddle so much any more. I miss it, yet at the same time it's gotten so hot here it makes cuddling uncomfortable.

    1. I actually wish they wouldn't get SO much candy at parades. I usually end up throwing about half of it away.


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