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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Scary Morning

What a morning...

I got up at 7:30 to feed the baby breakfast and Little Man got up shortly after that.  At 8:30, Princess still wasn't up so Hubby went to check on her.  A minute later, he comes back in the living room to announce, "She's not in her bed."

Okay, she must have gotten up already and was curled up on the couch or under the kitchen table.

Nope.  Vague concern quickly turned into sheer panic as we went from room to room searching for her to no avail.  We checked the garage and upstairs where the landlady lives.  She hadn't seen her, but we searched her place too.  Little Man trailed along behind me, calling her name, and thinking that we were playing a game.

I threw some shoes on and ran outside in the snow in my pajamas to check Hubby's truck and walk through the snow drifts to make sure she hadn't somehow escaped outside even though that was totally not in character for her and the doors were still locked from the inside.


It had been almost 45 minutes by now and it was like she had vanished in thin air.  So many child kidnapping stories start that way: "Child vanishes in thin air from bedroom" "Child disappears from shopping mall"

Sobbing, I called the police who assured me that a squad car would be headed our way shortly.  I called my mom because when something is wrong, just hearing my mom's voice helps.  I called our Pastor and his wife to ask them to start the prayer chain.

Hubby left to drive down to the farm which is only about a quarter of a mile from our house.  Princess had asked last week if she could walk down there by herself so maybe...

I checked her room for the 8th time, calling her name and begging her to answer me.  Even though I'd already looked under the kids' bunk bed several times, I decided to pull everything out from under it one more time.  I was just about to give up and walk away when I caught a glimpse of blue Hello Kitty pajamas in the darkest, farthest corner under the bed and heard a little sniffle. 

I don't think I've ever army crawled under a bed faster or hugged Princess harder.

Hanging onto her tightly so she couldn't disappear again, I called Hubby who came running back inside since he was still searching snow drifts out by the driveway, then I called the police to tell them she'd been found.  Hubby and I passed her back and forth for hugs while I called my mom and our Pastor to tell them the good news.   

It turns out that she had overheard us talking about her allergy appointment next week which she knows involves lots of needles and decided to hide so she wouldn't have to go.  Her fears of the appointment are, in my opinion, kind of justified.  My brother-in-law goes to the clinic for his allergy treatments and has told me that the multiple needles they inject under the skin are more painful than a regular shot.  I don't blame my 5 year old for being terrified of going back there.

We had a long talk about how even if you're scared of something, you STILL HAVE TO ANSWER MOMMY AND DADDY WHEN THEY CALL YOU!!

Anyways...I think I've had my heart attack and adrenaline rush for the year. 

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  1. So scary. Have had my share of those back in the days.

  2. I'd say she is definitely the hide & seek champion but seriously, how scary for you and I'm so glad that you found her!

    1. Yeah, hide and seek is now banned from our house until further notice, LOL

  3. Oh dang! I would have died! Poor baby didnt want to go to dr! "/

  4. Oh my goodness!! We had a similar problem about two months ago and Connor hid in our office closet. I was crying, calling my family, and about to call the police when something nudged me to check the office. Soo scary! Seriously you're heart escapes your body it's beating so hard!

  5. Very scary! I understand her being scared of needles. V was stressing her shots before kindergarten. I wish I knew of a way to make needles not so terrifying, but I dislike them too. I hope her appointment isn't too bad. Give her lots of hugs!

  6. oh wow, that must have been scary!

  7. Oh my goodness, so scary!! It would not surprise me at all if my boys did something like this at home.


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