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Monday, April 29, 2013

Random Monday-April 29, 2013

I was telling my younger sister yesterday about how I've tried to make cool cakes for the kids' birthday parties and always failed miserably.

Case (or cake?) in point:

Princess's princess castle cake for her 2nd birthday. Her expression: "What is that thing?"

Princess's ballerina cake for her 3rd birthday. The barbie doll is clearly thinking, "Get me out of this monstrosity!"

Little Man's sock monkey cake for his first birthday. All he cared about was picking the fondant circles off and eating them.

Princess was listening intently to the conversation and piped up, "You mean, like the rainbow cake, right?"

The rainbow cake is the only one I've made that I thought turned out well.

Not too shabby, right?

Thanks for the ego boost, Princess!

I awoke this morning to a distinctively unpleasant smell in my bedroom.  A week ago, I thought I heard a mouse in the middle of the night so I put out d-con.  I have a love-hate relationship with d-con.  On one hand, mice like to eat it and, then they die.  On the other hand, mice like to hide in strange, secluded places to die which can make it hard to find them until the stench is stomach-turning.  So, long story short, I cleaned and organized my entire room this morning which is no easy feat since Hubby has four (yes, FOUR: work, farm, church, casual wear) different wardrobes which require a great deal of storage and clutters up our room, plus I store a lot of my boutique supplies in our room.  So yeah.  Lots of clutter, lots of boxes, lots of places for a mouse to hide.

I didn't find the mouse.

If you don't see me here again, it's probably because the smell got too strong and I passed out, hit my head on one of our many dressers, and am laying on the floor in a coma.

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  1. Props for trying harder and making prettier cakes than me. I just want them to taste good!

    And it must be mouse season! We had one too!

  2. Ha! So funny. And I really think your cakes are pretty good! I make all of our cakes, thanks to food allergies, so it's a lot of pressure when everyone is buying such fancy cakes these days.

  3. I'd be proud of those cakes...they are better than the few I've tried to make! :) The sock monkey one is really adorable.

    1. I bought the fondant sock monkey cake topper from Etsy, but I'm awfully proud of my fondant circles! :)


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