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Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List

Last summer was probably the most boring summer ever for the kids.  I was very pregnant, and it was the hottest summer on record in about 50 years.  I made a point not to leave the house or even get off the couch somedays.  There were no fun trips, no getting the blow-up pool out, no going for walks.  The most exciting thing I did was give them an ice cream pail full of water to play with on the porch.  This summer, I'm not pregnant and the baby is old enough to get in on some of the fun so I'm determined to make this summer a fun experience for me and the kidlets.

So, without further ado, I give you...our summer bucket list!  *applause, applause*

  • Visit the zoo-Done!
  • Set up the inflatable swimming pool-this is a feat in itself because the electric pump I bought brand-new last year works about as well as blowing the thing up by hand, er, mouth.
  • Take the kids to each of the four playgrounds in town.
  • Visit the local Farmer's Market.
  • Catch fireflies-Done!
  • Take a walk on the bike trail while Princess rides her bike.
  • Visit the park in the next town over-it is seriously the coolest park ever.
  • Bake cookies to give to a friend.
  • Put shaving cream on the plastic slide and let the kids go crazy in their swim suits.
  • Make root beer floats.
  • Get a big cardboard box to play in.
  • Make "hugs" to send to relatives who don't live nearby.

  • Make crayon art

  • Work through this Noah's Ark preschool pack with Little Man and Princess.

I also have a list of goals for myself this summer.
My summer goals:
  • Teach Princess my phone number and our address.
  • Exercise regularly.  I've been too scared to do much exercise because I'd heard that it would make a diastasis worse and I was pretty sure I had one.  I checked and...no diastasis!  Which means no excuses! 

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  1. I hope I'm a friend that gets cookies. ;)

  2. Ooo shaving cream on a slide sounds fun! We may have to try that. I also like the idea of sending hugs!


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