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Monday, June 10, 2013

Random Monday-June 10, 2013

First, a weight loss update...I didn't drink any pop (or soda, depending on what part of the country you're from, lol) this week and I ran out of the chai latte mix on Tuesday so that's been pretty easy to stay away from, haha.  I exercised on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Thursday, we spent the day walking all over the zoo and Ikea so I'm counting that as exercise.  Friday and Saturday were kind of slough days because the kids and I were off of our schedules from being at the zoo all day on Thursday.  I'll only be weighing myself and measuring my waist for the first Random Monday post of each month so no numbers this week!

Okay, on to more fun stuff!  Did I mention that we spent Thursday at the zoo?  It was an awesome day, and the first thing I can cross off of our Summer Bucket List!  Hubby had to work so I went with my older sister and her four kids, my parents, and my little sister.  It rained almost all the way to the zoo and we were pretty worried that we were going to get rained out again like last year when we attempted a trip to the zoo.  Right before we got there, the rain stopped and, although it was cloudy all day, it didn't rain again the whole time we were there!

We started out the day with a picnic in the park and then walked over to the zoo.  The kids LOVED seeing the different animals.  The giraffes were definitely the favorite animal of the day though.           

Little Man watching one of the giraffes eat grass

Of course, it's obligatory to take your kids' pictures sitting on Toby the Tortoise when you go visit the zoo, so we piled on as many kids as could fit and snapped some pictures.  The three youngest kids (Star and my sister's 20 and 2 month olds) didn't quite fit on the tortoise with the older four.

From left to right: Little Man, my 3 year old nephew, Princess, my 5 year old nephew

I tried to get a picture of just my three kiddos, but Star needed a little help staying on the tortoise as evidenced by my dad's phantom arm and my little sister "hiding" beside Toby.

The other kids hopped off as soon as the pictures were done to go look at the flamingos, but Star was a captive audience for my camera.  

Star was fascinated by the tortoise's head
"This is fun!"

Princess---awesome Veggie Tales skirt by BumbleMonkey

Little Man holding his light-up giraffe he picked out at the gift shop

Star was a happy and perfect baby all day long!
On the walk back to the vans, Star passed out in the stroller.  Going to the zoo is hard work!

After the zoo, we headed to Ikea to meet my grandparents, my brother, and my cousin for supper.  I bought 10 Ikea chocolate bars while I was there and they may or may not be almost gone already.  I'm not telling.

As we pulled into the parking lot, Little Man piped up from the back of the van:
"It's a boo (blue) store! I wike a boo (blue) store.  Mommy, we can go dere?"
He was so thrilled when I said yes.  The kid loves music, chocolate, and Ikea.  Yup, he's definitely mine!

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  1. It looks like you had a great day at the zoo and walking around a zoo and Ikea absoulutely counts as exercise!

    1. Ahh, my kids have posed for many pictures on that very turtle. I love it. :)

      Looks like a FUN day had by all at the zoo. The giraffe's are one of my fav's, too!


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