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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Topics-7 Things About Your Job

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Today's Tuesday Topic is 7 things about my job.  The question for me is what job?  Let me run down the list for you...

Job #1: Mommy to my 3 littles.

Job #2: Owner of Annalie's Baby Boutique where I sew kids' clothing.

Job #3: Owner of Little Owl Patterns where I design and write pdf sewing patterns for kids' clothes.

Job #4: Freelance writer for a local newspaper.

Job #5: Babysitter for a preschool teacher/friend during the school year.

Job #6: Substitute librarian assistant at the local library.

So yeah...one more job and I could count my jobs as my whole Tuesday Topics post.  Instead, I'll write one thing about each of my jobs and then a bonus fact to get me to seven.

1. (Job: Mommy) This is the hardest, most rewarding job ever.  Even when I'm miserable because the baby has refused to nap all day, the 3 year old is throwing his 19th screaming tantrum since getting up 7 hours ago, and the 5 year old has had an attitude that rivals the moodiest 15 year old, I'm still happy.

2. (Job: Annalie's Baby Boutique) I started the boutique in August 2010.  It's been the greatest outlet for my creative side and although it can be stressful sometimes, I have no regrets and no plans to ever shut it down.  If all goes as planned, I'll still be hanging out at my sewing machine when I'm 95!

3. (Job: Little Owl Patterns) I just started this one in January 2013 because I've been writing most of my own patterns for the clothing I sew for Annalie's Baby Boutique and decided to take the leap into turning them into pdf's and selling them.  It's WAAAAAAAY more work to write a pattern than I ever imagined, but I love it.

4. (Job: Freelance Writer) Writing for a newspaper has been my dream since I was in elementary school.  When I was a kid, I wrote and distributed my own newspaper up until I was 18 and thought I was too old for it.  I missed the writing outlet which is essentially why I started blogging.  I was ecstatic when I got a job writing for the local newspaper in April of this year!

5. (Job: Babysitter) I was working at a job I hated because I couldn't be with my kids, but needed to find something else before I could quit.  Someone I'd only met a few times called me out of the blue to ask if I'd be interested in babysitting her kids while she worked.  3 years later, I'm still babysitting for her and we're now good friends.  My babysitting job was literally an answer to prayer.

6. (Job: Substitute assistant librarian)  When I was a kid, I put cards in the front of our books and tried to convince my siblings to check them out when they wanted to read something.  So working at the actual library is a completely awesome job and I love it!

7. Because of all of my jobs, I'm insanely busy most of the time.  However, every single one of those jobs is my dream job.  Who else can say that they have 6 jobs and love every single one of them because they fulfill a dream?

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  1. Dang you sound busy but as long as you love and are rocking out your dreams that is all that matters! You go girl!

  2. WOW!!! You are VERY busy!! I'm so impressed that you not only have your own boutique and sew, but you make your own patterns. I LOVE sewing and I can't even imagine the talent it takes to design something then turn it into an actual pattern. SO IMPRESSIVE!!!! --Lisa


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