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Friday, June 7, 2013

Little Man's SECOND 3rd Birthday Party

Little Man's second 3rd birthday party was almost a month ago and I'm just getting around to writing about it.  That's me...late as always!

Because Little Man, my sister's son, and my brother's daughter were all born within just a few weeks of each other, we've found that it's more convenient for relatives if we celebrate all three of the cousins' birthdays at the same time.  The theme this year was "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" from the Eric Carle book.  Being the awesome mom/aunt that I am, I made Brown Bear themed outfits for the birthday kids to wear for the party.    

Little Man, my niece, my nephew--this was the only good picture I got of my nephew.  Poor little guy was having a bad day and wanted nothing to do with most of the birthday celebrations.

Little Man, my niece, my nephew--the expression on his face exemplifies his attitude towards the whole party.
My niece's dad and my little brother.  I asked him to smile for the picture and this is what I got.  In all fairness, I did warn him that it would go on my blog.

My grandpa playing with Star

The way the light from the window hits her hair in this picture make me laugh!

LOVE this picture!  This is my grandma holding Star.  In the background is my mom holding my sister's newest baby and my other grandma.

Hahahahaha!!  Star's expression is hilarious!

Little Man enjoyed his birthday cake!

My niece was a little neater than Little Man and opted to use a fork instead of her hands.

Now that's how you eat cake!  This is my cousin's cute little guy.

My favorite musicians-Little Man with the mandolin and my dad with his beloved banjo

Here are some better picture of the birthday kiddos' outfits.  I'm currently working on a pattern for the dress which will be for sale in my Etsy pattern shop later this month.

The shirt with the blue dot background was my nephew's and the one with the yellow chevron background was Little Man's.

My niece's dress--I used the accent fabrics from the dress for the boys' shirts so they all coordinated. 

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  1. The link to your pattern isn't there, but I would love to make this dress. Are you able to send me the pattern?


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