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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Old School Blogging-Alphabet Awareness

I was tagged by one of my favorite blogs, So Not Organized, in this Old School Blogging aphabet meme!
The hosts of this Old School Blogging Linkup are The Miss Elaine-ous Life and Jennifer P. Williams.   

Alphabet Meme
A. Attached or Single?
Attached to my awesome farmin' hubby!  We started dating when I was 17 and got married when I was 21.  Fun fact: Neither he nor I had ever dated anyone before each other.  It's so sweet to say that my first kiss was with my husband and it's nice not to have baggage from previous relationships to complicate things.

B. Best Friend?
I have several best friends.  My sisters are definitely my best friends.  I've also been friends with Lisa since we met at summer camp when she was 11 and I was 14 (I'll save you the effort of doing the math...that's 14 years that we've been friends).  We've been loyal penpals ever since even though we've only seen each other in real life 4 times.

C. Cake or pie?
Pie.  Unless the cake is from the local bake shop and then I'll stab with a fork anyone who gets between me and that cake.

D. Day of choice?
Sunday.  We have dinner after church at my in-law's house and then relax the rest of the afternoon and spend time together as a family.

E. Essential Item?
My inhaler.  I don't leave home without it!  And if I do, I seriously regret it later.

F. Favorite color?
Blue.  I love every shade of it.

G. Gummy bears or worms?
Yuck, neither! 

H. Hometown?
My hometown is where I live now and I don't like to put that info on the big ol' scary internet, but I was born in Florida and lived in Golden Valley, Minnesota until I was 3.  

I. Favorite Indulgence?
Chai lattes

J. January or July?
That's a tough one.  I hate bundling kids up in a thousand layers just to walk to the van and I realllllly hate driving in snow.  But, I get really sick in the sun and the heat so I hate summer too.  Apparently, I'm very hard to please.

K. Kids?
Yes.  Princess (5 years), Little Man (3 years), and Star (8 months).
And now, the obligatory picture of cuteness:

L. Life isn’t complete without?
My family.  And chocolate.

M. Marriage date?
September 23, 2006

N. Number of brothers/sisters?
I have 1 older sister, 2 younger brothers, and 1 younger sister.  It was awesome growing up in a larger-than-average family.

O. Oranges or Apples.
Apples, preferably dipped in caramel.

P. Phobias?
Spiders.  I really hate spiders. 

Q. Quotes?
Philipians 1:21 For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

R. Reasons to smile?
Happy kids, a good book, a funny movie

S. Season of choice?
Spring, even though my allergies are terrible. 

T. Tag 5 People.
Paula at Beauty Through Imperfection, Country Bunkin' Mama, Dara at Not In Jersey, Not Inadequate, and Victoria at Smiles N' Snuggles

U. Unknown fact about me?
I'm 28 years old and I can't swim.  
V. Vegetable?
Not big into vegetables, but I love spinach.

W. Worst habit?
Procrastination.  I'm currently using this blog post to procrastinate cleaning my kitchen.

X. Xray or Ultrasound?
I've had both and they're no big deal, but all of my ultrasounds so far have been to see a little human growing inside me whereas my x-rays have been asthma related so I'll take ultrasounds over x-rays.

Y. Your favorite food?
Pepperoni pizza.  I could eat it every day of the week.

Z. Zodiac sign?
No, thank you!  I'm not into that stuff.

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  1. Hey thanks for tagging me! This looks fun.

    I am also a bad procrastinator. I adore your obligatory cuteness!

  2. Love the picture! I didn't learn to swim until I was 24 when I forced myself to take some lessons at the Y--it's never too late to learn. Thanks for playing along :)

  3. Thanks for giving extra info on Aand B, that was really nice to read. Hope you enjoyed the meme and will join us again next month! :-)


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