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Monday, January 13, 2014

Random Monday - Jan 13, 2014

Princess informed me that she was pretending to be a princess and Little Man was the prince.  "And you can be the servant, Mommy!"  No, Mommy was not impressed with that role.

January is turning out to be The Month of the Doctor in our house.  I started off the month with an ambulance ride and ER visit (BTW, thank you to all the concern and well wishes!).  Between my OB appointments, my appointment with my asthma and allergy specialist, multiple appointments with neurology for my Vocal Cord Dysfunction, a referral to GI for my severe acid reflux, and Star's 15 month well-child checkup, that adds ups to 1 Er visit and 8 doctor visits during the month of January.  Pardon my Minnesotan, but UFFDA!

There's a stomach bug going around this area right now and so far, two of my kiddos have fallen prey to it.  On Saturday night, I was getting ready for bed when I realized that Star had thrown up all over the pack n' play, her bedding, and herself before falling asleep.  I cleaned her up, threw a load of laundry in and went to bed.  She's been fine ever since with no more throwing up, fevers, etc.  Easy enough!

Except that then Little Man caught the bug on Sunday evening.  He was in the bathroom when he felt the urge to throw up, but instead of STAYING in the bathroom to throw up in the toilet, he walked down the carpeted hallway to the kitchen to tell me that he had to throw up.  Oh, and he threw up all the way from the bathroom until right outside of the kitchen linoleum.  He threw up several more times last night, thankfully in a bucket each time.  This morning, he seemed fine so I took him with me to my friend's house to babysit.  Not 15 minutes after we got there, he yelled out that he had to throw up.  I followed him into the bathroom where he aimed for the toilet and threw up.  He had great aim too, except that the toilet lid was down and so instead of throwing up IN the toilet, he threw up ON the toilet and all over the floor.  I called Hubby and he came to pick up Little Man and take him home instead of going to the farm like he normally would have after getting off work.  Being the awesome friend I am, I bleached my friend's whole bathroom before she got home and washed the towels I used to clean up the mess :)

How was your week?  Hope all of you have been staying healthy!


  1. Oh my, that is a lot of dr's appts in one month. Sorry to hear about the tummy bug hitting your house. I saw on Pinterest so I have no idea how true that grape juice is supposed to help build up immunity or protect from those kind of bugs. Thankfully, we are still somewhat healthy here minus the lingering cough from our illnesses over Christmas.

    1. The only juice the kids drink is grape juice. Maybe they should be drinking more of it...except that if they drink more than half a glass a day, they all get diarrhea...guess I'll take my chances with the viruses!


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