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Monday, January 20, 2014

Random Monday - Jan 20, 2014

Sunday morning church was...well, let's just say that I want a do-over.  During Sunday School, I had a sudden realization that I'd been asked to make and print up the bulletins for that morning's service.  Except that I'd completely forgotten and didn't do it.  So...no bulletins that morning because of me.  Then, my dad and my sister had asked me earlier that morning to sing back-up for their special music number they were doing during the church service.  We always have special music right after the offering at our church, but while the offering was being taken, I noticed that Star smelled...unpleasant and so as soon as the offering plate passed my pew, I got up to take her downstairs to change her diaper.  Imagine my little sister's chagrin when she saw me get up, ostensibly to come up to the front and sing with her and my dad, except that I turned and went the opposite direction, out of the sanctuary.  I was in the nursery downstairs just about to take Star's diaper off when my mother-in-law rushed in to tell me that they were waiting for me upstairs.  She took over the diaper change while I ran (okay, walked quickly) back upstairs to join my dad and sister up front.  Except that my fast walk got me out of breath and, well have you ever tried to sing without enough oxygen?

Oh, and I've been asked to make up the bulletins for next week's service as well.  Apparently, not doing your job well (or at all) doesn't get you out of it!        

For my kids' birthdays, I usually pick a theme, decorate, make a special cake, invite all the family over, etc.  I'm taking a slightly different route with Princess's 6th birthday this year, mainly because I just don't have the energy to plan and throw a big party.  On Saturday, I invited my parents, younger sister, and 2 brothers (who just happened to be in town that day to help someone move) over for supper.  We had Princess's favorite food, tacos, and cake and ice cream.  Low key, but fun.  One of my brothers even brought his 5 year old daughter with him so the cousins could play all day.  Next weekend, we'll celebrate with Hubby's side of the family in a similar fashion.  This Wednesday is Princess's actual birthday so she is going to pick out candy to take with to school that day to share with her class and we'll bring a cake (which I will buy at Sam's Club) to church that evening.

Star isn't even 16 months old and it's been obvious for several months that she already has a favorite color and, surprise, it's pink!  She has several different pacifiers in her pack n' play-orange, green, purple, and pink-and if I give her anything other than pink, she pulls it out of her mouth and tosses it aside before looking for one of the pink ones.  Only then will she lay down and go to sleep.

I'm so excited about the giveaways I have coming up here on the blog!  I plan to post the Powerocks portable charger giveaway tomorrow.  In February, I'll be sponsoring giveaways from Adelaide's Attic by Director Jewels (she also has a blog which you can find here) and Mialisia which is an awesome new jewelry company.  Make sure you tell your friends because the more entries I get, the more giveaways I will run in the future!       


  1. Sounds like you had quite the Sunday! There is nothing wrong with scaling back the birthday parties--sometimes I think the smaller parties are better and more fun for kids and adults anyway.

    1. They're definitely less stressful, that's for sure! I just don't have the energy for a big party right now :)


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