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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just a Phase

One of the most important things to remember about parenthood is EVERYTHING is just a phase.  The good stuff, the bad stuff, the stuff that makes you want to scream and beat your head on a wall...it's all just a phase and it will pass. 

Princess has hit a new phase that she's been in for almost a month now.  A V------ERY LONG MONTH.  Her new behavior consists of:
  • Not taking "no" for an answer.  She can argue until she's blue in the face (and she does, at least 5 times a day!), but I don't change my answer.  This has not stopped her from arguing with me, repeatedly asking the same question, or just going ahead and doing it anyways even though there are consequences for those actions.
  • Being openly defiant.  If I tell her not to do something, she looks at me and deliberately does it anyways.  If I tell her to do something, she walks away or throws a fit.
  • Stealing food from the kitchen.  And by food, I mean mostly candy or food she's allergic to.  Both of which are bad for her.

Yesterday, everything hit the fan.  I was having issues with a customer that ended up taking most of the afternoon to resolve even though I needed to be working on other orders.  Hubby was upset with me for...I'm not even sure what he was mad about, but his mood dragged me down all day.  Little Man was going for a record for loudest, highest, most ear-piercing screech of all time.  My new camera STILL hadn't come in the mail and I needed it for some new orders.  And Princess was at an all-time record for bad behavior.  I honestly don't think she obeyed me once yesterday.  She was her usual huggable self (which is probably a self-preservation technique with the way she's been acting lately), but she was horribly disobedient.

At one point, I was so upset about the issue with the customer who just. wouldn't. let. it go. that I asked Princess for a hug.  She cuddled for as long as I needed it then went back to being disobedient.  By suppertime, everything had built up and I was thinking (and possibly muttering under my breath) some words that should not have been coming out of my mouth or entering my head.  Princess got ahold of a dry-erase marker and scribbled on the tablecloth.  Just about everything inside and out of our house has scribbles on it because this kid WILL NOT stop coloring on everything she can reach.  I completely lost it.  I said some horrible things to my 3 year old who said some horrible things back.  I threw a tantrum.  I yelled.  I hyperventilated.  I finally walked away and got control of myself.  And then Princess spilled her full glass of milk.  Okay, breathe, count to 10, get a towel and clean it up.  Give her some more milk with her supper and move on.  As soon as I set her cup down, she knocked it over again.  And it was not an accident.  Smoke was coming out of my ears and sirens were going off.  Princess looked up at me with concern on her little face and very sweetly asked, "Mommy, do you need another hug?"
YES!  I most definitely needed another hug!  And some chocolate.  And possibly a brochure for obedience school (do they accept three-year-old humans?)

God, give me patience and wisdom with this child you have blessed me with.  And help me to remember, no matter what, that she is indeed a blessing.

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  1. Gee that sounds like a typical day around here! BTW, my throat hurts!


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