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Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby Bug Boutique-Review and Giveaway

Shortly after I discovered the world of Facebook boutiques, I stumbled on Baby Bug Boutique.  Since then, I've placed orders several times (and been thrilled with the results!) and have become friends with the owner, Jessica.

Jessica is so sweet and easy to work with.  She goes above and beyond to ensure the customers' satisfaction and is always coming up with new innovative products to make moms' lives easier.

Jessica first started sewing when she was pregnant with her second child.  Due to a high-risk pregnancy, she had lost her job so she was looking for a hobby to keep her busy.  Money was tight and so, when she saw something she wanted for her children in the store, but couldn't afford it, she was able to design the pattern to make it at home.  She also began to make baby things as gifts for friends and family.  From there, her business blossomed.  She did her first craft show when her son was just 2 weeks old with her dad's help.  Several people there told her that her items were much better and more unique that what they were able to find in a store.  She started a binder with ideas for new products and likes to put her own twist on what she makes.  She now has three children who keep her busy and inspire her to create new things.

Jessica sells ready-made items and does custom orders.  She also stays busy with local craft shows.  You can visit her Facebook page or browse her ecrater store to see what she has to offer.  She also added an embroidery machine to her shop recently and can customize just about any product.

Here are some of the products you can find at Baby Bug Boutique:

Animal Loveys.  I gave my son a sock monkey animal lovey for his birthday and both Little Man and Princess love playing with it!

Car Seat Canopies.  Great for protecting your little one!

Trash Stash Bags for your car.  You could also use these to store toys, kleenex, diapers, etc. in your car so they're not all over the floor.

Crayon Totes.  Perfect for in the car, at restaurants, etc.  Store crayons and paper in the tote and your child can carry it him/herself with the fun handle.

Crinkle Clip On Lovey.  Babies just love the crinkly sounds, soft minky backing, and colorful ribbon tags.  Slide a toy link through one of the ribbon loops and clip it onto a stroller or carseat so it doesn't get lost.

First Aid To Go Pouch.  These have a clear vinyl front so you can see what you have at a glance.  No diaper bag or purse should be without one of these!

I Spy bags.  Each bag has an assortment of tiny objects for children to find and comes with a laminated list of what is inside, and a loop that the list is attached to on a key ring.

Nap mat.  These have a soft pillow with a blanket on top.  Perfect for kindergarten, sleepovers, etc.

Prayer Pillows.  These have a pocket on the front that a New Testament can slide into.  You can also write prayer requests down on paper and store them in the pocket.

Reusable Snack Bags.  I use ours almost every day for Princess's allergy-free snacks, Hubby's lunchpail snacks, and snack for church and outings.     

Tidy Tote Bag.  These have a waterproof vinyl lining and are great for stashing wet or dirty diapers, bibs, and clothing while you're out. 

Baby Bug Boutique is not just for babies!  She also carries a full line of vendor and direct sales products! 

Other products not pictured: Crib bedding, Mama Cloths (reusable menstrual pads), diaper and tote bags, reusable baby wipes, shopping cart covers, ribbon loveys, birth record blankets and pillows, Cushy Tushy Cases (to carry diapers and wipes), nursing covers, tooth fairy pillows, crayon rolls, diaper wreaths, coupon holders, applique and embroidered shirts and onesies, burp cloths, hot and cold packs, quilts and blankets, chalk mats, baby or toddler silverware holders, pacifier clips, Ipad or Macbook covers, photo quilts, reusable breast pads (for breastfeeding mothers), business card holders, baby slings, gift baskets, coupon carriers, changing pads, cloth diapers, nursing pillow covers, washcloths, and pillowcases

You can enter to win a $10 gift certificate to Baby Bug Boutique!

This giveaway has been closed!  Thanks to everyone who entered!
A winner will be selected via random.org on Monday, November 14th at 8:30 pm central time and will be announced on the blog.  The winner will be emailed and will have 2 weeks to claim their prize.


  1. Baby Bug Boutique is one of 3 of my favorite boutiques, thanks to my niece, Hannah, I was intoduced to Baby Bug! I love all of her products! There are even 2 pictures of things I've bought from her (snack bags and animal lovie). I won some items from her on a giveaway on another page and even tho I only paid for shipping, she put her heart and soul into the items (a diaper wreath and a breastfeeding/cloth diaper basket for my grandson) and gave me great ideas and worked to make them perfect! I feel as if I know her from all of this and count her as a friend! Thank you, Jessica,for everything! One product? Too many great things to choose!
    Tricia McGuire

  2. I think she is very talented and I have showed a few of my prego friends her site on facebook. I love all her stuff If I had lot of money I would get 1 of everything she makes! Homemade is so much better then walmart!

  3. Oh the stuff is so cute!!! My favorite is definitely the Lab Puppy Lovie...also love the penguin one you got!

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  4. I NEED one of those first aid bags for our diaper bag! Grace got a boo boo at the petting zoo a couple of weeks ago and I was totally un-prepared!

  5. The nap mat is my daughters and she loves it :) Very happy with the nap mat!

  6. Have a lot of stuff coming in, this will be the first *lot* of things ive gotten from baby bug, the only thing ive recieved so far is my sons tooth fairy pillow which was super cute, cant wait to get my other stuff


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