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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Few Moments of Peace

As I finish pouring milk for the kids' supper, I realize it's been over 8 hours since I last visited a bathroom.  Noting their content expressions as they munch on their food, I decide that now would be a good time to make a trip.

I close the bathroom door.  I don't lock it.  That would just be silly, right?

I haven't stepped one foot away from the door when there's a little knock.

Princess: "Mommy!  Mommy!"

Me: *Sigh* "What do you need?"

Princess: "I need you!!"

Me: "Right now?!?!"

Princess: " Yes, I need to tell you something."

Me: *Realizes that she's not going anywhere until I hear her out* "What do you need to tell me?"

Princess: *Thoughtful silence* "Ummmmmmmmmmmmm....."

Me: "Can it wait until I'm at least out of the bathroom?"

Princess: *Horrified as if she thinks I plan on spending the rest of the week hiding in the bathroom.  It's a nice thought, actually* "No!  I need to tell you now!"

Me: *Reluctantly* "Okay, what is it then?"

Princess: "Ummmmmmmmm.....ummmmmmmmmm.......ummmmmmmmmmm....did you know that if your head falls off, it will hurt?!?"

Me: *Slightly sarcastic tone which goes right over Princess's head* "No, really?"

Princess: *Lets herself into the bathroom so I can hear the gruesome facts a little better.  Thankfully, by this time, I'm heading to the sink to wash my hands, eliminating all those awkward questions* "And did you know that it will bounce on the floor?!?!?"

Me: "Yup.  I did.  Now go finish your supper." 

Sigh.  So much for a few moments of peace.


  1. ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh Man...aren't they just Lil'punkins?

  2. Hilarious! I often call out, to no one in particular, "I'm going to the bathroom. NO ONE FOLLOW ME."

  3. My toddler likes to come into the bathroom with me and provide a running commentary "mummy poo? mummy poo?" More here: http://cupofteaandablog.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-full-time-job.html


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