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Saturday, March 10, 2012

13 Weeks

How Far Along: 13 Weeks
Milestones: The organs that formed during the first trimester are now developing into the mature, working organs the baby needs. 
Baby's Size:  Baby weighs about three-quarters of an ounce and measures between 2 1/2 to 3 inches from the top of the head to his or her bottom.
Sleep: Actually had a few days this week where I didn't feel like I needed a nap!
Best Moment This Week:  Taking Princess to Babies R Us for fun and watching her gush over EVERYTHING.  Except the baby boy stuff.  She skipped that and went straight for anything pink, lol. 
Miss Anything?: Having energy and eating deli meats.
Movement?: Not yet, but hoping in the next few weeks to feel something!
Food Cravings: Craving KFC, but living 45 minutes from the closest one means I'm out of luck. *sob*
Things That Make Me Queasy: Brushing my teeth or watching someone else brush theirs.  I can't even be in the room when Hubby brushes his teeth or I start gagging.
Gender: Princess is positive it's a girl and so far she has a 100% prediction accuracy (she's predicted 5 pregnancies).  Except that I don't know if she actually thinks it's a girl or just wants it to be a girl.  She's desperate for a baby sister because "I already have a brother, Mommy."  This pregnancy does remind me a lot of my pregnancy with Princess though.  My pregnancy with Little Man was completely different.
Labor Signs: Hopefully not for a while yet!
Symptoms: Acne, fatigue, heartburn, lots of trips to the bathroom.  Yesterday I went shopping and had to check out the bathroom in each store we went to. 
Inny or Outy: Inny
Mood Most Of The Time: Mood swings are starting to settle down, but I still cry easily.
Looking Forward To: What the second trimester brings: no morning sickness, energy, feeling movements, ultrasound!

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