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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Homeschooler Who Happens to Go to School

I was homeschooled up through 10th grade.  My four siblings were homeschooled for most of their school "careers," and all of my nieces and nephews on my side of the family will be homeschooled.  I'm a big believer in the benefits of homeschooling for both the individual child and the family as a whole.  I'm an outspoken advocate of homeschooling and have been blessed with several opportunities to encourage others to take a leap of faith and begin homeschooling their own children.  I drool over homeschooling curriculum and teaching aids.  I think of my kids, although still young, as homeschoolers.     

Princess playing with "snow" aka shaving cream

 And they'll be attending public school, with Princess starting 4/5 preschool this fall.

Little Man and his cousin discovering a bug.

 Hubby and I never got around to discussing where our children would spend their school years before we got married.  Who thinks that far ahead when you're in love, right?  Well, after we got married and Princess started inching closer to preschool age, I found out that Hubby already had a strong opinion concerning public school vs. homeschooling.  And, although, I don't agree with his decision, I will honor and respect it because God has commanded me to obey my husband.  If God wants my children somewhere other than public school, He will make it happen, not me.

Hubby did agree to let me homeschool Princess for her first year of preschool.  I can't begin to tell you how rewarding it has been this past year to be the one to watch her learn and grow so much.  I embraced a Montessori-type approach to learning.  I strongly believe that young children learn best when they're allowed to play and learn through experiences rather than sitting at a table doing worksheets.  They also need to learn much more than just the alphabet and numbers.  Life skills, how to relate to others of all ages, having a loving and caring spirit, learning how to live for God, these are just as important.

Little Man loves reading.

My solution to sending my children to public school will be to treat them like homeschoolers.  I think 1st grader, Smootch, at the Indietutes blog said it best when she told someone that "I'm a homeschooler who happens to go to school." I will continue to make every experience a learning experience and stay as involved in their studies as I can.  I want to know what my children are learning every step of the way.  I know I won't be the only parent who does this for their children who are enrolled in public school and I think that's great.  However, I know too many parents who hand their child over to the public school system and essentially say, "Here, do it for me."

My kids with Grandma and a few of the cousins this summer.

Before I end this post, I want to make it very clear that I am in no way judging or condemning your choices.  If you choose to send your children to public school and it works for you, then I'm happy for your family.  This is all about personal choices and individual families.  Me...I'm a homeschooler at heart and always will be.     


  1. I love this post!

  2. It's all so much grander than where our kids spend a few hours during the day. Education happens every moment of our lives. Our approach to learning and life is something we pass to our children no matter what. Keeping an attitude that is positive and open is the best way to learn, no matter where a person is - or how old :) I admire your acceptance and trust.

  3. I admire you for accepting what your husband says! That is important! Not sure where my own kids will be next year! The decision is hard when you look at all the factors involved and long term planning!


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