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Friday, July 19, 2013

Star-9 Months

I know this post is a few weeks overdue, but I was waiting for Star's 9 month checkup so I could put her weight and height in the post.  First, the appointment was rescheduled by the doctor's office and then, thanks to Hubby leaving for the farm with the girls' carseats still in his truck instead of the van where they're supposed to be, I was late for the rescheduled appointment and had to reschedule AGAIN.  Anyways, I finally got her to the doctor for her checkup!  

Age: 9 months

Weight and height: 15 pounds and 27 3/4" long.  The doctor is concerned since she's gained less than a pound in the last 3 months and dropped from the 17th percentile to 1.3% on the growth charts.  I'm starting to give her Pediasure everyday to help her put on some weight just like we did with Little Man when he was losing weight.  I'm really surprised that my best eater is my skinniest baby!  We knew that the older two didn't eat well and that was the reason for their slow weight gain/weight loss, but Star eats great and always has so I assumed that we wouldn't have any issues with her weight gain.  For comparison, at 9 months, Princess was 15 pounds, 12 ounces and 27 1/2" long and Little Man was 18 pounds, 4 ounces and 30" long.   

Wearing: Size 3 diapers and 3-6 / 6-9 month clothes.  A lot of the 3-6 month clothes are too small for her (lengthwise-if I could add an inch to the bottom of her pants and onesies, they'd fit great!) so I just need to get my act together and pack them up so I can give them to my sister for her baby girl.  I did bring the 6-9 month clothes home, but it turns out that there's isn't much there for summer clothes since Princess wore that size during the winter months.  Another excuse to go shopping for cute baby clothes, right?  :)     

Likes:  Following me around the house, eating, playing with the big kid toys instead of baby toys.  

Dislikes: Being left behind by her bigger siblings, especially when they go outside.

Eating habits:  Star eats about 6 ounces of formula and 4 ounces of baby food in the morning when she gets up.  Around 10:30, she takes another bottle followed by another 4 ounces of baby food.  1:30 is another bottle and then she has one more bottle and 4 ounces of baby food at 5:30.  She has a strong gag reflex so I've been taking the table foods slowly, but I do usually share my food with her and give her Gerber Puffs and yogurt melts to snack on.  Her favorite food is string cheese which I break up into small pieces.  She prefers table food to baby food, but until she learns to eat better without choking so much, the table food she gets is mostly for practice.  She looks hilarious when she eats because she chews so widely and exaggerated that food often falls out of her mouth. 

Sleeping habits:She sleeps from 7 pm to 7:30 am.  She's still taking 3 naps a day and sometimes 4 if her afternoon nap wasn't as long as it was supposed to be. 
Milestones/Accomplishments: She's crawling!!  You can see a video of when she just learned how to crawl here.

Miscellaneous: She has 2 top teeth now!  She's also starting to talk already (earlier than the older two kids did!).  She says "Mama" and "Dada" and uses them in the right context.  For instance, when Hubby walks into the room, she'll get excited and exclaim, "Dada!" or when she's in her crib crying to get out, she'll cry, "Mama, mama" until I come get her.  

Comparison pictures from 8 months to 9 months:

Are we done with pictures yet?  Because there are toys that need to be played with.

Her "Stinker" face

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