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Monday, July 29, 2013

Random Monday-July 29, 2013

I got behind on my cleaning.  Way, way behind.  I hate it when that happens because I can't work efficiently because of the mess plus I feel guilty for not cleaning, but I can't clean because I know I need to work.  It's a vicious cycle that ends with me sitting on the couch watching reruns on Netflix and devouring chocolate.

I wrote about an awesome way to keep my house clean almost 2 years ago and I still believe that it's the only method to keep me sane.  However, I didn't feel like I could pick it up again because my house was so messy.  However, I forgot some of the most important Flylady rules...

“Your home did not get dirty in one day, and it will not get clean in a day either.”

"Don't try to catch up.  Jump in where you are!" 

Oh, yeah.  Those rules.

So today, I jumped in with the daily routine.  Instead of a quick clean of each room, I set the timer for 10 minutes and spent just that much time in each room.  They aren't done, but they're better and I'll do the same tomorrow and the day after and the day after until they're ready for the quick clean again.

I did manage to get a little work done last week though.  I had a custom order for this fun back-to-school outfit for a sweet little girl who's starting kindergarten this year.  I loved it so much that I decided to offer it in my Etsy shop as well.  The skirt has a fun buses and stop signs print on the main portion and a handwriting fabric on the border.  The shirt has a heart shaped applique that can be personalized with your child's name or left blank so your child can write their own name on instead (which I think would make it an awesome keepsake first-day-of-school outfit!)  

I'm thinking Princess needs one of these for her first day of kindergarten as well.



  1. I think it is a given that cleaning gets way behind in the summer. Don't worry you aren't the only one way behind with the cleaning. I love that outfit--it is so cute!

    1. Thank you! My cleaning gets behind in every season...I don't discriminate :)


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