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Monday, September 30, 2013

Random Monday - September 30, 2013

We had a busy, but fun weekend.  Star celebrated her first birthday on Sunday (actually, we celebrated, she was a little confused at the commotion) and we had a birthday party for her on Saturday.  I'm planning to do another post about her party later this week :)

Last night, Hubby and I were watching tv after the kids were in bed when Princess came back out in the living room sniffling with a red mark on her cheek.  I asked her what happened and this is what she said...

Princess: "I was trying to fall asleep and my foot came up and kicked me on the face."
Me: "You mean you kicked yourself in the face while you were trying to go to sleep?"
Princess: "Yes, and it hurt!"
Me: *laughing so hard I couldn't talk*

And that, right there, is one of my finer parenting moments.

Last Monday, Hubby and I celebrated 7 years of marriage by...staying home and eating supper on the couch like we always do.  :)  Oh well, we did end up going out the next night with our Pastor and his wife to see Unstoppable (if you haven't seen it yet, reserve tickets for the October 3rd showing-it's a really good movie!)  
I'm thinking I need to do an Etsy gift guide series again this year.  They're so much fun to put together, and people seem to enjoy them.  What do you think? 

Has anyone tried the Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte mix from Trader Joe's?  I saw it on Pinterest and really want to try it because Pumpkin Spice and Chai together...um, yes, please!


  1. I didn't see the pumpkin spice latte mix when we were in Trader Joe's this past weekend (of course, I had my husband with me and he wasn't exactly bursting with Trader Joe's enthusiasm) but it does sound yummy! We bought some of their regular coffee and it is really good. Happy Belated Anniversary! Kids are only here for our own entertainment, right? :)

    1. I say that if your kids aren't entertaining, you're not doing it right :)


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