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Monday, September 23, 2013

Random Monday - September 23, 2013

It's been over a week since I posted.  Yes, everything's fine, I'm just SO SO SO SO tired.  Too tired to blog or read or watch tv or anything.  Taking care of the kids, taking minimal care of the house, and work is all I can handle right now.  Princess started kindergarten a few weeks ago which means getting up 45 minutes earlier than usual plus I started back to my babysitting job last week.  I've been pregnant before and had newborns before, but I had no idea that this level of sheer exhaustion and fatigue was possible.  I have way too much to do today to take a nap, but when I got home from work, I ate lunch and then sat on the couch and cried because I was just that tired.  I finally decided to quit being an idiot about it and take a quick nap because it was obvious I wasn't going to check anything off my to-do list in that condition anyways.  45 minutes later, I feel a smidge better, but I can already feel the fatigue creeping in again.  By the way, I will be lodging a complaint with my doctor because I still haven't gotten that second trimester energy I was promised...     

Anyway, here are a few random things from the last 10 days...

Walking outside with Little Man on a windy day, he looked up at me and said, "I don't want to 'wind' away!"  (blow away)

Princess found a pair of ear muffs and wore them around the house for a day while proclaiming them her very own "muffins."

Last weekend, Hubby and I visited his younger sister with the kids.  The kids had a blast since she made it her job to spoil them for the weekend :)  We took them to a candy store on Saturday morning, then to Golden Corral buffet for lunch (quite possibly the best buffet ever).  Of course, the dessert counter with its chocolate fountain and cotton candy was what really impressed the kids.    

Princess with her very own cotton candy (that's Little Man covered in chocolate on her left.)

We went back to my sister-in-law's for naps and then finished the day with Chuck E. Cheese.  It was Princess and Little Man's second trips to Chuck E. Cheese and Star's first.

Star loved the pizza and watching all the commotion.

I was working on the computer and listening to Pandora on my tablet when I noticed a cute little someone dancing along so I grabbed my camera.


  1. I had that kind of exhaustion with my 5th baby! I remember thinking I'd never feel good again ... so I feel your pain. :-(

    1. I've had that same thought quite a bit lately. But you did feel good again eventually, right? Give me some hope that this will get better! :)

  2. Love the pictures. Missed your Random Monday last week.

  3. I loved the video of your dancer! So cute. Made me smile. I hope you get to feeling a bit more energetic very soon!


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