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Sunday, May 6, 2012

21 Weeks

How Far along: 21 weeks

Does anyone want to come help me wash towels?

Milestones: Baby's digestive system is developing.

Baby's Size:  Baby weighs about 12 ounces and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long from head to toes.  About the size of a banana!

Sleep: Going well.  I'm not so big that I'm uncomfortable yet and I don't have to get up to use the bathroom every night anymore.

Best Moment This Week: Celebrating Little Man's 2nd birthday.  Hard to believe he's TWO already!

Miss Anything?: Being able to easily put on my socks.

Movement?:  Quite a bit!  Baby Boy is pretty active :)

Food Cravings:  Scrambled eggs with cheese. 

Things That Make Me Queasy: Just normal stuff right now.

Gender: Boy!

Labor Signs: Having some Braxton-Hicks contractions, mostly when I'm really active.  Nothing painful at all, just tightening in the abdomen.

Symptoms: Nothing out of the ordinary...heartburn (although nowhere near as severe as I had with Little Man which leads me to believe I'm having another baldy, lol), hip pain, fatigue, etc.

Inny or Outy: Inny, but starting to flatten out.

Mood Most Of The Time: That depends on the second, haha.  One second I'm on top of the world, and the next second, I feel like everything is falling apart.

Looking Forward To: Continuing to reorganize the house so *hopefully* we can squeeze one more child in.  I'm hoping to find a bookcase for toys and a tall cabinet for Hubby's lunchpail snacks (which we buy in bulk and then store on the kitchen counter) to streamline things a little.

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