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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are We Done Yet?

This past month has been...well, overkill on the medical front.  It started with my regular prenatal appointment.  A few days later, I took Little Man in for a high fever.  Then, a few days after that, I had my 6 month checkup with my asthma and allergy specialist.  I thought 3 times in a week was a lot.  Little did I know that we were just getting started.

The week after that, I had my ultrasound (yay!) followed shortly thereafter by a 6 month checkup with Princess's asthma and allergy specialist.  Another week and Little Man had his 2 year well-child checkup.  Our general practitioner found a heart murmur and decided to refer him to a pediatrician who had more experience with heart murmurs.  The pediatrician did an EKG and x-ray (which Little Man was NOT happy about especially since I wasn't allowed in the room with him) and referred Little Man to a pediatric cardiologist.  Although the heart murmur was a little different than what most kids with heart murmurs have and usually grow out of, the cardiologist determined that it was nothing to be concerned about and that he too, will outgrow it in due time.

Between the three checkups for Little Man and his sweet little heart, I had another prenatal appointment and a middle-of-the-night 911 call for a severe asthma attack.

Let's review:
In the past 31 days, the three of us (thankfully, Hubby has done his part and stayed healthy) have tallyed up nine doctor visits and one 911 call.  Yup.  I think we're ready to be done for a while.

While visiting the "big city" for all these doctor visits, I did manage to squeeze in some shopping.  And by squeeze, I mean all-day shopping trips.

Here's a cute onesie I found for Little Man.  Being a musical family, I pretty much swoon over any children's clothing that is music-related.        

Carters Boys Newborn-9 Months Brown Guitar Bodysuit
 Being a huge Oreo fan, I snatched these up as soon as I saw them.  They didn't disappoint!

100th Birthday Golden Oreo Fudge Cremes With Confetti Birthday Cake Creme - 2/11.3oz Pks

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  1. Oh Geez Hannah! What a month! I haven't read the blog lately. I'm sorry to hear about all your visits. I hope things will quiet down for you now! That onsie is ADORABLE by the way! I love it! Those oreos look amazing as well! I'll have to look into those!


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