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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pinterest Deliciousness!

As of this minute, I have 164 pins on my Pinterest Food board.  I've been slowly trying the recipes out, and the ones I've tried so far have definitely been keepers.  I made these two for supper tonight.  In retrospect, the two together may have been a bit of a flavor overload.

Crack Potatoes
 This easy (my #1 requirement for recipes!) cheesy hash brown dish came together quickly and is SO tasty.  There's a possibility that I went back for thirds on it.  Maybe.  The recipe can be found here at the Plain Chicken blog.

Honey Sauced Chicken
The Honey Sauced Chicken was delicious and the chicken came out super tender.  Next time, I might use a little less soy sauce, but that's just a personal preference.  I doubled the recipe so I could freeze half for another meal.  The recipe can be found here at the Mmm...Cafe blog.

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